Irina Kalinka

Irina KalinkaIrina KalinkaIrina Kalinka

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Year Entered: 2016

Irina holds a B.A. in Politics & Human Rights from Bard College, N.Y., and an M.A. in English Literatures from Humboldt University, Berlin. Her previous work experience includes being a research assistant at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York City, developing digital climate science communication at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam, and serving as an elected county-council representative for the Green Party in Teltow Fläming, Germany.

Currently, Irina is writing her dissertation on the digital imaginary of “User Democracy.” Here, she is asking what it would mean to imagine politics, including its practices and infrastructures of assembly and discourse, as a technological problem to be managed and solved in the name of smooth operability, better design choices, user-friendliness, and optimization under a framework of neoliberal reason 3.0 - and how to resist such reductionist conceptions of collective world-making.

Research Interests: Digital Media and Political Theory; Platform Studies; Mass Culture and Ideology; (Agonistic) Democratic Theory; Imagined Communities and Public Spheres; Communicative Biopower and Population Management; Communication and Attention Economies; Communicative Capitalism; Political Subject Formation; Digital Geographies, Infrastructures, and Architectures; Private-Public Space(s); Practices of Refusal and Compliance