Dr. Matt Tierney

Dr. Matt Tierney

Adjunct Assistant Professor (2012-2014)
Modern Culture and Media

In my research and teaching, I focus on formal intersections of literature, film, and theory in 20th-c. American culture. My particular interest is in aesthetic approaches to the politics of race, sexuality, and technology.

My first book, entitled What Lies Between: Void Aesthetics & Postwar Post-Politics, explores formal experiments in literature and film that disrupt myths surrounding communication culture and consensus post-politics, recently and in the years following World War II. A second project, entitled A World of Incomparables: Restless Aesthetics & Counter-Nationalism, explores formal responses to the evident false choice between technocratic nationalism and technophilic globalism.

 I have a continuing interest in the convergence and non-convergence of continental philosophy with American radical thought, which feeds a range of related projects. I have written articles on Paul Goodman, Vladimir Nabokov, Jennifer Todd Reeves, Sterling Hayden, Van Wyck Brooks, et al.; and my developing projects concern films by Georges Perec, Chantal Akerman, and Charles Burnett, and fiction by Shirley Hazzard, Paul Metcalf, and Peter Dimock, et al.

 I have taught advanced and introductory coursework at Brown, RISD, MIT, and the University of Massachusetts-Boston.


Ph.D., Modern Culture & Media, Brown University.

M.A., Literature, University of California-Santa Cruz

A.B., American Studies, Cornell University


Sex & Sexuality in American Film (Spring 2014)

Rhetorics of New Media (Fall 2013)

Communication Culture & Literary Politics (Fall 2012)