MCM Production at 135 Thayer Street

The Production Facility for MCM, which was completed at the end of 2003, is located at 135 Thayer Street in a thoroughly renovated old retail building. This facility raises the profile of an important component of the MCM program, namely the integration of a visual practice within the investigation of the theoretical discourses of the department. These practices have historically focused on film, video and sound production. This will now be furthered through the addition of faculty engaged with digital practices situated within new media and the virtual space of the internet.

The 135 Thayer Street building houses two production studios and their requisite equipment: film and video cameras, sound recording decks, light kits, etc. Also located there is an editing suite equipped with software such as Davinci Resolve and Adobe Production Suite (including Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition and Media Encoder). Additional hardware in the edit space includes broadcast color accurate monitors and editing control surfaces. Students using this facility have 24 hour access. These facilities are supplemented by two other similarly equipped Multimedia Labs within the university.

Brown EHS's safety program for visual and performing art projects.

SAO, working with EHS, TAPS and many student groups, assembled a system of safety oversight and a repository for technical and safety training resources to cover a wide range of student-led projects. To help everyone stay safe, this system follows projects - and advises the students who do them - from initial planning and design phases through to wrap and strike.