Students must bring a completed application to the first class to be considered for admission. Applications are also available in the MCM office at 155 Geroge Street. The final class list will be determined after the first meeting, withe permission of the instructor.

Spring 2016 Applications

  • Introduction to Filmmaking: Time and Form (leslie thornton) MCM0710 
  • Introduction to Video Production: Critical Strategies and Histories (betsey biggs) MCM0730
  • Art in Digital Culture (elisa giardina papa) MCM0750 online google application found here  
  • What is Happening in Narrative (leslie thornton) MCM1700Z
  • Art/Gender/Technology (elisa giardina papa) MCM1701A online google application found here  
  • Hearing Image, Seeing Sound (betsey biggs) MCM1701B