Equipment Checkout

Location and Contact

135 Thayer Street, Room 103

Equipment Checkout Hours

Check Out -  Tuesday/Friday 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Check In - Thursday/Monday 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

*If you checkout equipment on a Friday, it has to be returned on Monday.
*If you checkout equipment on a Tuesday, it has to be returned on Thursday.
There is NO CHECK OUT OR CHECK IN on Wednesdays.

Please Note: Production equipment is only available to students currently enrolled in MCM production courses for use on their class projects.

Production Equipment

Production equipment needed for class assignments is made available through our student check out system. Students borrow this equipment on a project by project basis. Production equipment is available to students currently enrolled in MCM production courses only. Students may check out equipment on an individual basis after they have been instructed in its proper use.

Checkout procedures will be explained in class. These procedures are designed to insure that each piece of equipment leaving the production lab is identified by name and number and is signed out to the borrowing student. When the equipment is returned it must be signed in. Students are responsible for equipment they borrow and will be held liable for equipment damage due to improper use or neglect.

Unscheduled late returns are not acceptable and will result in suspension of equipment access. However, a late return can be arranged through appointment at the time of pick-up or you can contact David Udris at 401-863-2134 or [email protected].

Never leave equipment unattended or in an open car, even for a minute. There have been numerous incidents of theft from cars, both trunks and interiors.