Mongrel Artists-in-Residence

October 2-16, 2004
The Brown University Creative Arts Council, Modern Culture and Media and Malcolm S. Forbes Center for the Study of Modern Culture and Media Presents

All these events are sponsored by the Malcolm S. Forbes Center for the Study of Modern Culture and Media; the mongrel events are also sponsored by the Creative Arts Council (Brown); Warren Sack’s lecture by the Wayland Collegium for Liberal Learning and RISD; Anne Friedberg’s lecture by the Lectureships Committee (Brown). 

Sunday, October 3, 7 p.m.

135 Thayer Street, Production 2
“Reality-Fiction: Bush Daddy, Hacktivismo and Super Video catch the First Fleet back” screening

A video presentation selected by Francesca da Rimini. Five videos from Australia and Italy which mix documentary, humour and experimental approaches: Jerking off the Troops (4 minutes, Ian Andrews, Australia, 1990), Uncle Kevin vs the Queen (26 minutes, Jennifer Lyons-Reid & Carl Kuddell, tallstoreez productionz, Australia), Electronic Disturbance Theatre (7 minutes, Candida Televisione Elettrodomestica, Italy, 2000), a cheap holiday in other peoples misery (7 minute loop - with excerpts from Holiday Camp, 47 min, tallstoreez productionz, Australia 2002), Super Video a Genoa, (36 minutes, Candida, Italy).

Monday, October 4, 11 a.m.

Wilson 309
“Indy Media - Crafting our Own Peer Networks” lecture, Francesca da Rimini

Tuesday, October 5, 7 p.m.

RISD Auditorium
“Artist Lecture,” Mongrel (Francesca da Rimini, Graham Harwood, mervin jarman)

Friday, October 15, 1-4 p.m.

135 Thayer Street
“Indy Media – Crafting our Own Peer Networks” workshops (sign-up required)

Wednesday, October 6, 4 p.m.

Smith Buonanno 106
"The Virtual Window: From Alberti to Microsoft," Anne Friedberg

Thursday, October 14, 7 p.m.

Smith Buonanno 106
“Net-Monsters: speculative software and the jelliedeel,” Mongrel

Friday, October 15, 1-4 p.m. 

135 Thayer Street
World premier launch of “Net-Monsters” 
“Net Monster workshops” (sign-up required)

Monday, October 18, 4 p.m.

Smith Buonanno 106], 
“Networks Fighting Networks” Alex Galloway

Tuesday, October 19, 7 p.m.

RISD Auditorium
"Public Space, Public Discussion and Social Computing" Warren Sack


Jerking off the Troops

 (4 minutes, Ian Andrews, Australia, 1990) offers a spooky cut of George Bush senior and his soldiers celebrating Thanksgiving in the Persian Gulf.

Uncle Kevin vs the Queen 

(26 minutes, Jennifer Lyons-Reid & Carl Kuddell, tallstoreez productionz, Australia) is a satirical documentary following the controversial strategies of Arabunna Elder Kevin Buzzacott before he became the Minister for Invasion Affairs! Who is the man who shook the foundations of this former colony? We follow Kevin Buzzacott’s unrelenting struggle against Genocide; for recognition of his people as the traditional owners of this country; and for the protection of his land at Lake Eyre. For Kevin Buzzacott, the new Minister for Invasion Affairs, it’s time to clean up the country. In a quirky and satirical way, ‘Uncle Kevin vs the Queen’ catapults us into an alternate Australian reconciliation debate and offers an unique insight into the past to build our future together.

Electronic Disturbance Theatre

(7 minutes, Candida Televisione Elettrodomestica, Italy, 2000) is an interview with Ricardo Dominguez from Electronic Disturbance Theatre. “The streets are dead capital”, Dominguez proclaims, suggesting that ‘hacktivist’ electronic bodies in the datasphere can create symbolic gestures – gestures which may disrupt and disturb the info flows within the hyper-bunkers of Power.

a cheap holiday in other peoples misery

(7 minute loop - with excerpts from Holiday Camp, 47 min, tallstoreez productionz, Australia 2002) - a disturbing collage about Australian racism + refugee incarceration, fitting the soundtrack-loop from the Australian anthem ‘Advance Australia Fair’.

Super Video a Genoa

 (36 minutes, Candida, Italy). “History cannot be written by only one pen. After a contact with the Ghost of the Free Voice SuperVideo, "mutant" hero of free communication, looks for the truth collecting together the voices of people met during the journey that will bring him to Genoa in the days of the G8. >>>>You'll have to help communication to set itself free! Super Video collects informations, snatches signals, records choruses.... ....and he has got an important missionl: to deliver a special tape to the "big of the world" ... >>>all the frequencies are under control... >>>we are in danger! Will Supervideo suceed in this .... information impossible?”

Video Makers Contact details

Ian Andrews
[email protected]

tallstoreez productionz
[email protected]

candida tv
[email protected]


Anne Friedberg is an Associate Professor in the Divsion of Critical Studies, School of Cinema-Television at the University of Southern California. Author of Window Shopping: Cinema and the Postmodern (University of California Press, 1993) and co-editor of an anthology of critical and theoretical writing about film, Close Up 1927-1933: Cinema and Modernism (Cassell U.K./Princeton University Press, 1998), her recent essays on new media technologies have been anthologized in Re-inventing Film Studies (Edward Arnold, 2000), The New Media Book (BFI, 2003) and Rethinking Media Change: The Aesthetics of Transition (MIT Press, 2003). She has just completed her second book, The Virtual Window: From Alberti to Microsoft to be published by MIT Press.

Alexander R. Galloway is Assistant Professor of Media Ecology at New York University. Galloway previously worked for six years as Director of Content and Technology at He is a founding member of the software collective RSG whose data surveillance system Carnivore was awarded a Golden Nica in the 2002 Prix Ars Electronica. The New York Times recently described his work as "conceptually sharp, visually compelling and completely attuned to the political moment." His first book, "PROTOCOL: How Control Exists After Decentralization," is published by The MIT Press.

Graham Harwood
Mervin Jarman
Francesca da Rimini

Harwood is best known for his collaborative work 'Rehearsal of Memory' (1995) produced with maximum security mental patients (permanent Collection Centre Pompidou et du Musée National d'Art Moderne) and as a core part of the Mongrel group which has won numerous awards including the Imaginaria award and the Clarks Digital Bursary ( ICA London). Mongrel, best known for National Heritage and Natural Selection which explored racialisation and the new eugenics. It is closely associated with the formation of social software and software art through it's development of Linker and HeritageGold, BlackLash. Harwood received the first online commission from Tate Gallery London's 'Uncomfortable Proximity' (for which he won the Leonardo New Horizons Award for Innovation in New Media). Harwood spent the last few years working in the Nederland's with the Waag Society and Imagine IC constructing Nine(9) a collaborative engine for celebrating the lives of those locked out of the cultural mainstream. He know lives and works in Southend-on-sea with Matsuko (founder member of Mongrel) and their son Lani where they continue thier investigations.

mervin is a Community Art Activist,an Interactive Multimedia Designer, Human Computer Interface expert and a core member of the Mongrel Collective. He is a particular kind of mongrel, a new breed of street art-hactivist emerging in new media and technology. mervin's theory on art is that 'art is life' hence his life is his only claim to being an artist, as his art is a total expression of his life. His engagement with technology as a tool for empowerment and intervention stems from his various experiences both in Jamaica and in London. In Jamaica, mervin's place of origin, he is said to have been frustrated by the lack of opportunities that existed for a young man in the street. His struggles to broaden his experiential prompted him to migrate to London where he got his first taste of computers and new media. His timely collision with Harwood and Richard Pierre-Davis cemented the Mongrel Collective, who are now the avant-garde of digitally engaging street culture worldwide.

"My involvement with mongrel has helped to foster a new design on media arts and community initiative 'mongrel street', out of this has risen the Container Project. This has enabled a kind os social interaction that is not common to the community of Palmers Cross, there is a motion for the project to go to Sierra Leone and South Africa. The mongrel revolution has already began..." Simply mervin

Francesca da Rimini makes work using various media including text, video and computers. She often works in collaboration with others, particularly as she drifts through the internet, where she maintains a number of avatars and spaces including GashGirl, doll yoko, GenderFuckMeBaby's Palace of Unparalled Cynicism and The Realm of the Puppet Mistress. da Rimini has made a number of films and videos, the most recent being White, a multi-lingual exploration of language and madness. White, a collaboration with Josephine Starrs has been exhibited as an installation at The Australian Centre for Photography (Sydney 96) and screened at festivals in Australia, the UK, Europe and Latin America. White is currently web-cast on the internet at da Rimini has a long association with the Australian cyberfeminist art group VNS Matrix ( 'we are the virus of the new world disorder'), whose many projects have included A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century, All New Gen, Corpus Fantastica MOO, Spiral Space, Virtual Theme Parks and Bad Code. Major manifestations of the VNS virii include TISEA (Sydney 92), SIGGRAPH (Chicago 92), FISEA (Minneapolis 93), ISEA (Helsinki 94), YYZ (Toronto 95), Ars Electronica (Linz 96), and CyberCultures (Sydney 97).

Warren Sack is a software designer and media theorist whose work explores theories and designs for online public space and public discussion. Before joining the faculty at the University of California at Santa Cruz’s Film and Digital Media Department, Warren was the University of California at Berkeley, a research scientist at the MIT Media Laboratory, and a research collaborator in the Interrogative Design Group at the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies. His current research is described at

All these events are sponsored by the Malcolm S. Forbes Center for the Study of Modern Culture and Media; the mongrel events are also sponsored by the Creative Arts Council (Brown); Warren Sack’s lecture by the Wayland Collegium for Liberal Learning and RISD; Anne Friedberg’s lecture by the Lectureships Committee (Brown).