Thomas Pringle

Thomas Pringle
Year entered: 2014

Thomas Pringle is a SSHRC Doctoral and Brown Presidential Fellow in the third year of the PhD program with the department of Modern Culture and Media. Before arriving in Providence, he completed an MA in cultural studies at McGill University while researching with the Moving Image Research Laboratory and co-founding the mobile media project ‘Cinema out of the Box.’ Thomas has held research fellowships with the SenseLab Montréal at Concordia and the Digital Cultures Research Lab at Leuphana. His research considers historical events when media reception or production intersects with scientific knowledge, ecology, technology, or state violence, giving rise to antagonism in environmental politics. Currently, Thomas is developing a dissertation project on the traffic between the ecological and cybernetic sciences with an emphasis on how these historical foundations surface in the contemporary politics and documentary aesthetics located throughout the visual culture of climate change.

Research Interests: media theory and new media; documentary studies; scientific imaging, STS, sociology of scientific knowledge; environmental media and infrastructure studies; ethology; ecological violence and environmental inequality in contemporary visual culture.

Recent articles:
“Documentary Animism: Material Politics and Sensory Ethics in The Act of Killing (2012).” The Journal of Film and Video, Vol. 6-7, Nos. 3-4, Fall/Winter 2015:

“Photographed by the Earth: War and media in light of nuclear events.” NECSUS European Journal of Media Studies, #6, Autumn 2014: