Thomas Pringle

Thomas Pringle

Thomas PringleThomas Pringle[email protected]
Year entered: 2014

Thomas Pringle is a Brown Presidential Fellow in the sixth year of the PhD program with Modern Culture and Media. Before arriving in Providence, he received an MA in cultural studies from McGill University where he studied with the Moving Image Research Laboratory and co-founded the mobile media project ‘Cinema out of the Box.’ Thomas has held research fellowships with the SenseLab Montréal at Concordia, the Digital Cultures Research Lab at Leuphana, and SSHRC. In 2019, he received the Sir James Lougheed Award of Distinction. His research considers historical case studies when media production enlists ecological and technological knowledge to support political ends, like state violence and unjust economic development. Thomas’s dissertation, “The Climate Proxy,” analyzes the regional mediation of global climate change information in documentary film and mass and grassroots digital content, such as online journalism and digital video. He traces how media discourses of sustainability, resilience, vulnerability, and speculation serve the financial and national security cultures of global warming adaptation. 

Research Interests: media theory and digital media; documentary studies; scientific imaging, STS, sociology of scientific knowledge; environmental media and infrastructure studies; ecological violence and environmental justice/inequality.

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