Honors in Modern Culture and Media

Honors Directors for 2020-2021
Professor Ariella Azoulay | Assistant Professor Jinying Li

Students wishing to culminate the concentration with a thesis and receive the degree with Honors may apply for department approval to produce a creative, critical, or theoretical work in the senior year.

The thesis experience allows a student to get to know, and work closely with, a faculty member. The MCM Honors Program is intellectually demanding and time-consuming; students should be willing to devote a substantial part of their senior year to the thesis. Students work under the guidance of a department faculty advisor and second reader. Where appropriate, the advisor or the reader, but not both, may be in another department.


6th semester (April Deadline)—Submit letter of intent
7th semester—(During Pre-Registration period) Register for MCM1980
7th semester—(First day of semester) Submit Honors Proposal
8th semester—Register for MCM1990

NOTE: Students enrolled in the Brown | RISD Dual Program have the choice to which year (year 4 or 5) they would like to pursue honors.  Students carefully consider whether working on a thesis at Brown and a degree project at RISD would compliment each other if done simultaneously or if they'd be best pursued in different years. Contact [email protected] for more details and deadlines.


Registration instructions:

7th semester
Register for MCM 1980 Honors Thesis/Project Research in Modern Culture and Media (Part 1)

8th semester
Register for MCM1990 Honors Thesis/Project in Modern Culture and Media (Part 2)