Honors Application

Qualified students should start thinking about their topic and thesis committee well before the application deadline. Because the thesis is the student’s individual research project and not one assigned by a faculty member for a course, students should spend some time formulating a research topic and research question prior to soliciting a thesis advisor. Interested students are also encouraged to discuss their ideas with the MCM undergraduate honors director.

The application must include the following:

  1. Detailed description (1-2 pages) of the honors thesis project
  2. Bibliography (1 page)
  3. Up-to-date transcript (Banner printout is acceptable). The transcript must indicate A-level work in at least half of the concentration courses. For S/NC courses, statements from relevant faculty members 
    certifying that work was of Honors quality are required
  4. Signature of primary faculty advisor*
  5. Name of second reader* (if not known at time of application, student must choose a 2nd reader by October 15.)

Students who qualify for Honors are eligible to apply to do an Honors project or thesis. Students should submit a letter of intent in their 6th semester, and a formal proposal, by the first day of their 7th semester.  Applications will be screened by the MCM Honors Committee. (Application forms are available in the MCM office.) If approved, a student must then register for MCM1970, a one credit course which can count towards their Focus Area requirements, and MCM1990, a one-credit thesis course in which they complete the Honors project/thesis. 

Applications are due in MCM on the first day of class, of the Fall semester, of the senior year (for mid-year graduates, the due date is the last Friday in February of the 7th semester). Proposals will be reviewed by the MCM Honors Director and students will be notified within one month.