The Thesis

You need to submit your final thesis to:

  1. Primary Thesis Advisor
    Paper—ask if advisor requires a bound hard copy or electronic copy.
    Creative Project—dvd; flash drive etc. 
  2. 2nd reader
    Paper—ask if 2nd reader requires a bound hard copy or electronic copy.
    Creative Project—dvd; flash drive etc.
  3. MCM Department
    Email electronic copy; dvd; flash drive etc. to: [email protected]
  4. University Library (Upload to the Brown Digital Repository)
     To access the Senior Thesis Deposit application:

The Office of the Dean of the College's Undergraduate Student Thesis Policy provides you with the option of donating a copy of your thesis to the University Library. If you would like to donate your thesis, then please upload your files below by following the prompts.

Senior theses submitted through this process will be archived and appear in the Brown Digital Repository (BDR).

Theses in the BDR receive a permanent link that you can add to your CV, personal website, cite in future research, or share with collaborators, family, and friends. Your thesis will also be discoverable in Google searches.

    Format of your thesis:

    • The format is determined by your primary thesis advisor.  Overall requirements - neat in appearance and ample margins. 

    • If, the final version of your thesis needs to be bound (if your project is a paper). (See Metcalf Copy Center for binding options.)
      If you have a Film/Video project and documentation of other works —dvds, flash drive etc) are acceptable.