The Thesis

The final version of your thesis needs to be bound. (See Metcalf Copy Center for binding options.)

Film and Video projects and documentation of other works should be submitted on a DVD, flash drive, etc. 

You need to submit THREE copies to:

  1. Honors advisor (bound copy)
  2. 2nd reader (ask if they require a bound copy)
  3. Department (submit electronically to the Hay Library  and to MCM at

    If your project is a paper, you can upload a PDF
    If your project is not a paper, or if you have accompanying supplementary materials/data/media (video files, audio, photographs, images, spreadsheets,figures, tables, graphs, software etc.) you can also upload these files at the link below.  

    Format of your thesis:

    • The format is determined by your project advisor.  Overall requirements - neat in appearance and ample margins.