Conversations About Greece: "600 Days in Hiding"

The Program in Modern Greek Studies invites you to join us for the next webinar in the Conversations About Greece series, 600 Days in Hiding: A Jewish Family in Nazi-Occupied Thessaloniki Greece.

Paris Papamichos Chronakis (Royal Holloway, London) and Elsa Amanatidou (Brown University) in conversation with Andreas Algava about his family memoir and story of survival.

(Distributed February 22, 2021)

Conversations about Greece: "Before Lyricism"

The Program in Modern Greek Studies is continuing its popular webinar series, Conversations About Greece with Before Lyricism: In celebration of 100 years since Eleni Vakalo’s birth.

The first webinar of Spring 2021 will feature Karen Emmerich (Princeton University) and Eleni Sikelianos (Brown University) in conversation about poetry, translation, and criticism.

(Distributed February 11, 2021)
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