Biotechnology Master's Program

The Masters Program in Biotechnology offers advanced training appropriate for careers in academia, government, or industry in the field of biotechnology. Brown students may enter into the 5th Year Master’s Program or as outside students into the standard Master’s Program. The Program offers maximum flexibility including thesis (ScM) and non-thesis degree options (AM), a part-time track, the choice of department or hospital based labs, and the ability to customize your curriculum. The Program also boasts of a co-op program and a new management track option for 5th Year

~Featured Students~

Darcy G.

Darcy G.Darcy G. “I got a lot from my Master’s degree at Brown.  I learned different aspects about research that I had not been previously exposed to.  It has enabled me to speak more intelligently about certain aspects of biotechnology in a way I could not do before my classes at Brown.  I have made some great friendships and formed connections to some valuable resources that I would not have otherwise.  My degree has also opened doors in my career that would not have opened otherwise.”

Darcy works at C.R. Bard, Inc. (Davol) and is a mother of two young girls. After receiving her B.S. in Veterinary Sciences from Becker College, and working for a few years at C.R. Bard, Inc. (Davol), Darcy decided to pursue her Master’s of Science (ScM) to expand her knowledge base. Darcy continued to work at C.R. Bard while she worked on her degree part-time. Since graduating from Brown, Darcy received a promotion at her company. Read more about Darcy’s experience and other students here.


 Steven S.

Steven S.Steven S.

 “All of the professors were very welcoming and more than happy to assist you in anyway even if you never worked with them. It was a very open and strong community.”

Steven came to Brown from Loyola University of Chicago where he studied Biology. Steven decided to pursue a master’s degree because he was torn between going to medical school and graduate school. Steven used the Master’s at Brown as a way to bridge his time and make a decision about his future. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Pathology at Duke University's School of Medicine. Read more about Steven’s experience and other students here


Rob W.

Rob W.Rob W.“Brown also opened up many doors for me outside of the University. With its strong alumni network and a great job search platform, I was able to set up meaningful internships during my second year of study. I worked in a biotech consulting firm, owned and operated by a Brown alumnus, for several months. I also worked for a biotech venture capital firm. Perhaps most importantly, this degree helped bolster my dental school application and allowed me to be accepted to my top choice for dental school.”

Rob, a Rhodes Island native, attended Connecticut College as an undergraduate, and came to Brown to pursue a Master’s of Arts in Biotechnology. Rob used his Master’s and Brown connections to find internships and to boost his resume for Dental School. He is currently in his clinical years at the University of New England College of Dental Medicine. Read more about Rob’s experience and other students here.


Rebecca W.

Rebecca W.Rebecca W.“My Master's Degree from Brown gave me the chance to continue studying at my alma mater with a more focused academic lens. It gave me the opportunity to participate in a co-op where I learned about the biotechnology industry through first-hand work experience, and where I gained insight into my career path goals. And it gave me friendships with smart, interesting people who share my interests… I don't think another school would have been able to give me the education that I wanted.”


Rebecca, a Brown Undergraduate who studied Biology and Visual Art, decided to do a 5th Year ScM in the Biotechnology Program. During her 5th Year, Rebecca had the chance to customize her curriculum to fit her interests and did a Master’s thesis on bat echolocation. Rebecca also participated in a co-op experience at C.R. Bard, in which she got exposure to the Biotechnology Industry. Read more about why Rebecca decided to do the 5th Year and other Master’s students’ experiences here.