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Name Research Interest

Roy Aaron
Professor of Orthopaedics

In the laboratory, Dr. Aaron is investigating aspects of the pathophysiology of OA focusing on circulatory disturbances in subchondral bone and the relationship of bone and cartilage abnormalities.
Kenneth Breuer
Professor of Engineering
Fluid mechanics, covering a wide range of topics including the physics of micron and nanoscale flows, the mechanics of animal locomotion, specifically, mammalian flight, and bacterial motility, the behavior and control of turbulent shear flows and renewable energy technologies
Quian Chen  
Professor of Medical Science- Orthopaedics
The research focus in our laboratory is skeletal development, fracture healing, and cartilage & bone repair. In one area, we are studying how mechanical stress regulates bone growth and regeneration. People have known that mechanical stress plays an important part in maintaining bone health.
Deborah Ciombor
Associate Professor of Orthopaedics (Research)
Dr. Deborah McK. Ciombor's research focuses on cell-based tissue engineering to create a transplantable biocomposite cartilage replacement that may be able to restore function lost to trauma or disease.
Robbert Creton
Assistant Professor of Medical Science   
Our laboratory is interested in the molecular and cellular physiology of early embryonic development.
Joseph Crisco
Professor of Orthopaedics
Our work is focused on the in vivo study of the normal, pathological, and healing musculoskeletal joint. Measurement of biomechanical variables such as 3D kinematics, ligament strain, and joint contact are performed with our novel in vivo methods using sequential CT scans.
Susan D'Andrea  
Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics (Research)
Her research focuses on lower extremity kinematics, characterization of disabilities, and quantification of responses to treatment with the goal of improving evidence-based clinical decision making in trauma.

Eric Darling
Assistant Professor of Medical Science, Orthopaedics, and Engineering

The goal of the Darling lab is to understand the relationship between the biological function of cells and tissues and their micro/nano-scale mechanical properties.
Jerry Daniels
Associate Professor of Engineering

His research includes: Time series prediction using neural networks optimized by evolutionary algorithms, minimal logic circuit realization of large truth tables using evolutionary algorithms, and 3-D medical imaging.

Sean Deoni
Assistant Professor of Engineering
My work focuses on developing and applying magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques to study brain structure and development. Our current studies involve following the process of myelination in healthy infants and toddlers in relationship to behavioural development.
William Fairbrother
Associate Professor of Biology
My lab studies RNA splicing. A third of all hereditary disease mutations affect RNA splicing. Using deep sequencing and array based synthesis, we are measuring the effects of thousands of mutations and SNPs on splicing, spliceosome assembly and RNA protein binding.
Nicolas Fawzi
Assistant Professor of Medical Science
Research Interest: Strucutral Biology
Brown University
Box G-E3
Providence, RI 02912
Office: 401-863-5232
Braden Fleming
Professor of Orthopaedics
Primary research interests focus on knee and soft tissue biomechanics and biomedical instrumentation.
Christian Franck
Assistant Professor of Engineering
Dr. Franck's research interests are at the intersection of mechanics and biology, and are primarily focused on what role physical forces play at the cellular and tissue level. A better quantitative understanding of the nature and role of these physical forces will have direct impacts in the development of new artificial tissues and drug treatments.
Huajian Gao
Professor of Engineering
Professor Gao's research group is generally interested in understanding the basic principles that control mechanical properties and behaviors of both engineering and biological systems.
Pradeep Guduru
Associate Professor of Engineering 
Professor Guduru's research focuses on several aspects of Experimental Mechanics, with emphasis on phenomena at micro and nano length scales.
Leigh Hochberg
Associate Professor of Engineering
Our Laboratory for Restorative Neurotechnology focuses on developing strategies to restore communication, mobility, and independence for people with paralysis or limb loss.
Diane Hoffman-Kim
Associate Professor
The goal of the Hoffman-Kim laboratory is to understand axon guidance in complex environments and inform biomaterial and tissue engineering strategies for promoting nerve regeneration.
Robert Hurt
Professor of Engineering  
Professor Hurt's research focuses on nanomaterials and their applications and implications for human health and the environment
Gregory Jay
Professor of Emergency Medicine 
Dr. Jay has investigated the lubricating properties of synovial fluid and what role it may play in degenerative joint diseases.
Agnes Kane
Professor of Medical Science
My research focuses on the potential health effects of environmental and occupational exposure to asbestos fibers,metallic nanoparticles, and carbon nanomaterials.
Kyung-Suk Kim 
Professor of Engineering
Professor Kim's research interest is in the interdisciplinary area of solid mechanics of small scale material structures, or the nano and micromechanics of solids.
Gideon Koren
Professor of Medicine
Gideon Koren's research focuses on the regulation of expression voltage-gated potassium channels and mechanisms of sudden death.
Edith Mathiowitz
Professor of Medical Science
Research in our laboratory focuses on the polymer science-medicine interface. Areas of interest include development and modeling of novel drug delivery systems, particularly for the release of insulin and growth factors; etc.
Damian Medici 
Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics and Medicine
Dr. Medici's research focuses on cell plasticity and its role in mediating the progression of human diseases. In particular, his lab studies how epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and endothelial-mesenchymal transition (EndMT) contribute to pathological processes such as cancer metastasis, organ fibrosis, and heterotopic ossification.
Ulrike Mende
Associate Professor of Medicine
Ulrike Mende is interested in the functional role of G proteins (GTP-binding proteins) and their regulators (Regulators of G protein Signaling) in the heart. They are crucial for the transmission of signals from the cell surface to the inside.
Jeffrey Morgan
Associate Professor of Medicine, Engineering Co-Director Center for Biomedical Engineering
Research in the lab is focused on understanding the molecular and cellular biology of the skin with an eye towards new therapeutic approaches to wound healing, the repair of the skin and the improvement in the performance of percutaneous medical devices.
Arto Nurmikko
Professor of Engineering & Physics
Professor Nurmikko carries out research in neuroenginering/neurotechnology, nanophotonics, experimental laser sciences, and active electronic nanomaterials.
Domenico Pacifici
Assistant Professor of Engineering
Our lab leads research projects aimed at the exploitation of photons in nanoengineered materials and devices for novel information, sensing and energy-harvesting solutions.
G. Tayhas R. Palmore
Professor of Engineering
My research interests lie at the intersection of materials science, electrochemistry, and biology, with broad interests in the areas of biomaterials, bioelectronics, and biocatalysis.
Thomas Roberts
Associate Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
My research uses the tools of biomechanics and functional morphology to study how animals move. Among vertebrates, the mechanical behavior of muscles, tendons, and bones is quite conserved at the tissue and cellular levels.
James Simmons
Professor of Biology
I'm interested in understanding how the bat's sonar works and how the bat's brain makes sonar images. They make sounds, listen to echoes, and then see objects.
Sharon Swartz
Professor of Biology & Engineering  
My primary research interest is the function and evolution of the vertebrate skeletal system. I seek to better understand and interpret the tremendous diversity and range of adaptation in design of vertebrate, particularly the mammalian skeletons.

Jay Tang
Assistant Professor of Physics

Professor Tang's lab is currently involved in a new research program of molecular biophysics. The main research goal is to understand the mechanisms and properties of protein assemblies.
Anubhav Tripathi
Associate Professor of Engineering
My research focuses on understanding biochemical and biomolecular processes in microchip environments.
Jimmy Xu
Professor of Engineering and Physics
Professor Xu's interests include nanoscale science and technology, quantum photonics, aperiodic optics, semiconductor lasers, molecular electro-optics, and collective behaviors of large coupled systems.