2018 Rhode Island Elevator Pitch Competition Winners

Congratulations (left to right) to Ryan Dubay, Rebecca Chernick, Ashton Stoop, Adriano Taglietti and Natalia Moriel who are half of the winners in the 2018 Rhode Island Elevator Pitch Competition!

(Distributed December 7, 2018)

Dawson Lab - First study on physical properties of giant cancer cells may inform new treatments

Giant cancer cells are much larger and stiffer than other cancer cells and move further, study shows.

Polyploidal cancer cells—cells that have more than two copies of each chromosome—are much larger than most other cancer cells, are resistant to chemotherapy and radiation treatments and are associated with disease relapse. A new study by Brown University researchers is the first to reveal key physical properties of these “giant” cancer cells. 

(Distributed August 17, 2018)
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