Introduction to Popular Music Theory and Songwriting

MUSC 0400B L01 [CRN: 25416]

An introduction to musical terms, elements, and techniques, with an emphasis on how they apply to Western popular music. Topics include notation, rhythm and meter, intervals, scales, chords, melody writing, harmonization, and form. Students will develop their musicianship skills, including sight-singing and keyboard, in labs which meet twice weekly. No prior musical experience is necessary. MUSC 0400A or MUSC 0400B may fulfill part of the theory requirement for the music concentration. Enrollment limited to 40. Permission granted based on questionnaire given in first class. Preference given to lower-level students.
Spring 2021
Maximum Enrollment
Primary Instructor
Time TBD - Time TBD - from Jan 20, 2021 to Apr 23, 2021
Meeting Type
L: Lab