Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Current Members
Hiroaki Cho, undergraduate student
Caleb Clarke, undergraduate student
Lee Gilboa, graduate student
Dana Gooley, Professor of Music
Xinru Li
, undergraduate student
Jay Loomis, graduate student
Eric Nathan, Assistant Professor of Music
Mary Rego, Financial Coordinator

The Music Department’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee is the committee responsible for implementing Brown University’s 2016 Action Plan entitled Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion at the departmental level. The action plan acknowledged that “institutions of higher education, including Brown, have traditionally failed to fully include people of all races, ethnicities, creeds, socioeconomic classes, gender identities, sexual orientations, and disability statuses.” It outlined steps that could be taken to remediate past practices at the university-wide level, and it charged departments with the task of transforming policies, structures, and practices that have led to the exclusion of community members within those departments.

In this capacity, the music department’s DIAP committee welcomes comments, concerns, and suggestions about the departmental environment, pertaining to issues of diversity and inclusion. It also takes action as needed to remediate and inform community members about matters of concern. The committee hears about these matters through private communication and open forums that are held each academic year; meets regularly as a body, to discuss ways in which the department might address things that are brought before the committee; makes recommendations for the implementation of policies and best practices regarding diversity & inclusion; and communicates the results of those discussions to the faculty and the department as a whole. The committee’s members are drawn annually from among the department’s undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff (see above for a list of current members).

Please note: if you have experienced a serious incident that requires immediate action, including discrimination, harassment (non-sexual), or sexual harassment, you should contact appropriate university officials as soon as possible. Please visit the website of Brown’s Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity to learn about university resources and staff who are there to help you in such situations. You can also file an incident report via that office’s online form, which is located here.