Charles BlasbergCharles BlasbergCharlie Blasberg '18 is a junior Music History/Theory/Composition concentrator from Boston, Massachusetts.  An accomplished jazz pianist, Charlie begun classical piano lessons in grade school but eventually his focus shifted to jazz.  Through his jazz studies, Blasberg learned the Hammond Organ, which is his favorite instrument to play.  He is a disciple of Boston funk legend, Amy Bellamy, and continues to study jazz and bop styles under Ron Sanfilippo in the Applied Music program. Blasberg aspires to continue to write and play music after he graduates from Brown, but a passion of his also lies in the wide world of the music business.  At Brown, Charlie is a member of the Varsity Squash team, the sailing team, and is a sports columnist for the Brown Daily Herald.

Luc Bokor-SmithLuc Bokor-SmithLuc Bokor-Smith '18 is a MEME concentrator from New York City who likes playing with light, sound, and analog synthesizers.  He feels odd writing in third person.

Dan DavisDan DavisDan Davis ’17 is a MEME and Biology dual concentrator from Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. He is active in several musical groups around the Providence community as a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, and has spent time working in professional studios in Nashville, TN and Harrisburg, PA. In addition to audio engineering and post-production, Dan also has interests in electronic music composition, interactive audiovisual installations, and hardware and software development for audio applications. In the future, Dan hopes to continue working with sound.

Hollis JenkinsHollis JenkinsHollis Jenkins '18 is a MEME concentrator from Houston, Texas. His interests include hip-hop in all its depth, music and social politics in 1970s America, and jazz. He is a pianist and guitarist, and is responsible for 2013's Staar Waars: The Musical. Currently, he is working on a mixtape under the alias Nathan Parks.

Flannery McIntyreFlannery McIntyreFlannery McIntyre ’19 is a triple-concentrator in Music Theory/History/Composition, Classical Archaeology, and Medieval Cultures. She started playing the harp when she was 11, and continues to study harp at Brown through AMP.  She has played with various departmental and student groups at Brown, and is currently Co-Chair of Brown Opera Productions. Besides the harp, she is also interested in early music, opera, and gender in music. Outside of music, her passions include the early medieval Britain, early 20th century literature, and conflating the Pre-Raphaelites and Aestheticism.

Ben Silverman '18 is a MEME concentrator from Alexandria, Virginia. His primary interests are experimental dance music, the global electronic music community, and the overlap between visual art and music. He is also interested in building hardware and software tools for electronic music production, and enjoys participating in critical discourse about music and society. Ben has been making computer music for roughly a decade.

Max SternlichtMax SternlichtMax Sternlicht '18 is a MEME concentrator who likes outer space and crossword puzzles. He is a guitarist, electronic musician, audio engineer, and multimedia artist who performs under the name Tourist Tortoise. Max's primary artistic interests involve giving androids emotions and exploring the intersection of robots and humanity. He is currently working on a multimedia opera called A Murmur from Earth about this very subject matter, premiering April 6th 2018.