About Chamber Music

Guidelines for participation

Groups will be formed on the basis of musical ability and will generally consist of 3-5 musicians. Chamber music coaches are highly-trained professional musicians who generally are Teaching Associates in the Applied Music Program. The group's repertoire generally will be chosen by the coach in consultation with the students in that ensemble. Scores and parts for much of the chamber music repertoire are in the collection of the Orwig Music Library and may be taken out for use. Students with a strong interest in chamber music are encouraged to purchase music so that they may mark the parts and own them for future use.

Chamber ensemble participants are expected to strive to achieve the highest level of music-making of which you and your group is capable, to meet as a group with your coach for a one-hour coached session each week for a total of 12 hours per semester, and to rehearse regularly with your ensemble, at least once per week without your coach. Groups are required to prepare a minimum of one movement each semester. More advanced groups may prepare several or all movements of a multi-movement work or play more than one work. In exceptional cases, groups have prepared and performed full recitals during a semester. Groups are expected to perform in public at least once during the semester, either on one of the Chamber Music recitals or in a performance approved by the director.

Grades for MUSC0680 and 0681 (S/NC only) are based on musical progress, personal effort, punctuality/attendance and the ability to work well with the other members of the ensemble to fulfill the group’s potential. Students in groups that meet these requirements and have registered for MUSC 0680 or 0681 will one half-credit for each semester of Chamber Music Performance. Performing a piece of chamber music is the goal of the course. Members of groups that do not perform during the semester will not receive credit.

Occasionally paid opportunities arise for string quartets and other chamber groups to play at social events on and off campus. If your ensemble would like to play for such events, notify the director of your interest. Brown dance ensembles welcome the opportunity to perform to live chamber music. If your group would like to explore this possibility, please notify the director and contact Professor Julie Strandberg or Michelle Bach-Coulibaly in the Department of Theatre, Speech and Dance.

For more information contact:
(401) 863-1472
Orwig Rm. 229