Electroacoustic Improv Ensemble

Electroacoustic Improv Ensemble
MUSC 0220/0221

Instructor: Amber Vistein
Meeting Time: 7-9:50pm on Mondays
Meeting Place: Steinert 205

In this course, the idea that ‘microphones are instruments’—instruments both capable of extending our perception and of being ‘played’—will guide our explorations. Students will be introduced to microphones and recording techniques designed to capture sound waves traveling through air, liquids, and solids—beginning with in-class experiments and moving to large-scale, site-specific recording projects. Students will compose ‘scores’ for each site, devise recording strategies, and participate actively in each recording session. Participants will also hone their critical listening skills by engaging both historical and contemporary works of sonic art. Enrollment is limited to 12. Permission of instructor is required.

Interested students must attend the first class on January 29th.

MEME EnsembleMEME Ensemble