Asha Tamirisa Dissertation Screening

Friday, October 12, 2018

8:00pm - 9:00pm

Department of Music

Granoff Center for the Creative Arts

Studio 1

Ph.D. candidate Asha Tamirisa presents Lossy Recollections, a screening of experimental short film and video works. Program is 50 minutes long and includes:

Cut - digital video
Early film editing houses mimicked textiles manufacturing, with women workers or “cutters” splicing film together. Despite stitching film narratives together, these workers were cut from mainstream film historical narratives and from film credits. This piece meditates on film and textiles materials and machines, and whose labor is shown and cut.

Vitarana - super 8 film to digital
In Sanskrit, Vitarana refers to transference: a gift, the act of passing or a passage, or the remnants of abandonment.  This film animates clothing passed down from my grandmother and mother.

Vanishing Point - 35mm slides to digital
A personal loss is charted through a collection of projection slides, the actual remnants of the personal loss.

Record - digital video
To consider records and archives as objective purveyors of information would mean forgetting their engineering. What lies between the inscribed?
This pieces uses live, manual manipulations of a vinyl record to generate text.

Lossy Recollections - 16mm to digital
Material culled from old film works, recontextualized and re-evaluated.