Effects Design and Marketing in the Music Industry

Monday, March 20, 2017 @ 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Location: Orwig Music Building, Room 109

Fran Blanche is the owner and founder of Frantone Electronics (1994-present) one of the world's very first boutique guitar effects companies.  Fran is a completely self-taught electronic engineer, artist, musician, photographer, and YouTube vlogger.  Fran launched www.frantone.com in 1995, making it one of the oldest web domains in the music gear industry.  In addition to designing the 20+ year old Frantone line of effects, Fran was also the designer of the Electro-Harmonix NYC Big Muff in 2000.  In March, 2011 the NYC Big Muff was included along with the Frantone Peachfuzz in MusicRadar's list of the 42 best fuzz pedals of all time.  The Frantone Vibutron has repeatedly been reviewed as the best amp trem pedal in the world and was placed on the cover of Dave Hunter's 2004 book; Guitar Effect Pedals: the Practical Handbook.  Frantone pedals have been reviewed in dozens of guitar magazines, blogs, and newspapers going back to 1996.

Fran is also a published photographer, graphic artist, musician, space technology researcher and historian, and mechanical engineer.   She has worked on the restoration of the one of a kind Maillardet Automaton at the Franklin Institute, and worked on vintage Apollo flight hardware at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.  Fran's work on reverse engineering components in the Apollo Saturn V LVDC computer got her an article in Popular Science Magazine in 2014.   Fran has also been interviewed for the Lena Dunham blog The Lenny Letter and had a cover story in Tone Report in 2016, as well as a feature in She Shreds Magazine in 2015.

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