Feminist Musicking Series

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Orwig Music Building


The Feminist Musicking Series is a salon-style gathering open for women and gender non-conforming individuals in our community. The series is thought of as a non hierarchical peer-to-peer mentoring program and hopes to bring together a wide array of participants: undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty alike. We choose the word musicking for its ability to encompass multiple forms of sonic practices within it. In our gatherings, we will explore varying themes and ideas related to our sonic engagements and lived experiences as sonic practitioners. Everyone is welcome to sign up for presenting anything from an opening question to a group discussion, a new technique you discovered, new pieces or work in progress you want feedback on, a text you want to share with the group, a song or artwork you want to analyze together, or a creative exercise for us to take on in our meeting.

While we will of course not exclude our male identifying colleagues, we ask you to consider your participation in the gatherings thoughtfully, and allow the space to remain one that features the women and gender non-conforming members of the Music community.

Please sign up here.

Attention New Attendees

If this will be your first time participating, we invite you to read the introduction of Christopher Smalls’s Musicking: The Meaning of Performing and Listening (1998) and Salomé Voegelin’s essay “The Place My Listening Makes” (2011) beforehand.

For more information, please contact Lee Gilboa at: [email protected]