Music 0450: New Songs & Songwriters from Brown University

Monday, April 19, 2021


Students from MUSC0450 present “New Songs & Songwriters from Brown University,” a Spring 2021 final concert. The course MUSC0450: On Songs and Songwriting was led by Professor Butch Rovan with Amber Vistein, TA. This event is by invitation only. If you have not already received registration info, please write to [email protected].

“New Songs & Songwriters from Brown University” features songs and performances by the following students:

Alex Avila
Katherine Beggs
Amelia Chalfant
Arielle Martinez Cohen
Alexa D’Ambrosio
Camille Donoho
Zoe Donovan
Finn Harrington
Key Hunter
Jackson Jones
Maya Laur
Tara Mandal
Lucas Mastromatteo
Aileen Park
Maya Polsky
Ryan Rose
Emily Smith-Feldman
Ellie Tapping
Arius Thomas
Ben Thornton
Levon Thurman Hawke
Julia Thwaites
Sean Toomey
Brian Wang
Christine Wang