Nicole Carroll presents her dissertation project: Orrery Arcana

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

8:00pm - 10:00pm

Department of Music

Grant Recital Hall

Ph.D. candidate Nicole Carroll presents her multichannel dissertation concert for the Orrery Arcana, a new touch and light instrument inspired by the geometry and numerology of astronomy and Tarot. The program runs approximately 1 hour including a short intermission. Free and open to the public.

About Nicole Carroll

Nicole Carroll is a composer, performer, sound designer, and builder. Her work spans installation, improvisation, and fixed media performance. She is active as a sound designer and composer in theater, performs electronic music under the alias “n0izmkr,” and builds custom synthesizers and performance sensor systems. Her research interests include soft circuits and wearable sensors, and AV synthesis on mobile devices and embedded systems. Through her work, she seeks to reconcile the natural world with technology. Themes found in her work derive from reflections on nature, occult philosophies, literature, and the human psyche. Nicole holds an M.M. and B.M. in Composition from Bowling Green State University and Arkansas State University, respectively. Her works have been performed internationally in USA, Mexico, Wales, Germany, Greece, Australia, and China. During 2017-18, she was based in Brisbane, Australia, where she was an Adjunct Research Fellow at QCGU. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Music and Multimedia at Brown University.