Residual Noise: Panel Presentations I

Friday, October 23, 2020

10:00am - 12:00pm

Residual Noise is a sound studies and sonic practice conference that focuses on a concise set of perspectives on the current discourse on sound from both scholarly and creative standpoints. This one-day conference allows for a presentation and exchange of perspectives on contemporary sound practices and related research and inquiry. The title is the term for the noise level left on recording tape after it has been erased, it is also used as a reference to background or ambient sound – sounds that are present but not actively listened to, and that have a pronounced effect on the local acoustic terrain. This conference takes the idea of this kind of sound, one that has a presence but is also subject to a kind of erasure, as a springboard for consideration of how sonic practices and audio cultures utilize and navigate this form of acoustic space.

Participants include Mike Bullock, Erik Deluca, Rachel Devorah, Lee Gilboa, Elana Hausknecht, Clara Latham, Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo, Eric Lyon, Stephan Moore, Dafna Naphtali, Ed Osborn, Kristina Warren, & Marcel Zaes

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Schedule (all events online):

10:00am-12:00pm - Panel Presentation I


Panelists: Erik Deluca & Elana Hausknecht, Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo, Stephan Moore
Moderator: Kristina Warren

1:00pm-2:15pm - Panel Presentation II


Panelists: Clara Latham, Marcel Zaes
Moderator: Ed Osborn

8:00pm - Concert Presentations


Works by: Mike Bullock, Rachel Devorah, Lee Gilboa, Eric Lyon, Dafna Naphtali

Presented with the support of the Brown Arts Initiative, the Music Department, the Visual Art Department, and the Rhode Island School of Design Program for Experimental and Foundation Studies.