Handbook - Music and Multimedia Composition

The Music and Multimedia Composition (MMC) Graduate Handbook is intended to help guide new and continuing students through their graduate stud​ies in the MMC program at Brown. It contains a mix​ture of rules, regulations, rationales, and ad​vice. For clarification and ad​ditional in​for​mation on policy, contact Ed Osborn, MMC Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). DGSs are responsible for all graduate-related issues and act as liaisons between graduate students and the Graduate School. DGSs are expected to send annual updates to graduate students informing them of their academic standing and expected progress and are the primary point of contact for students who may need to make special requests regarding deferred admission, travel, leaves of absence, etc. Additionally, each graduate student should meet regularly with the DGS to discuss goals, course planning, and progress.

The Student Affairs Officer in the Music Department administers the department’s graduate program and should be contacted first on administrative matters having to do with the Graduate School, such as regulations, forms and deadlines. The first part of this handbook is a summary of the regulations concern​ing de​grees. The second part expands on the first, offering suggestions about each year of study, and explaining procedures gov​erning evaluation, financial aid, and the qualify​ing examina​tions (prelims).

General information for grad​uate students is con​tained in the Catalogue of the University, the Catalogue of the Graduate School, and online at the Graduate School website. You should consult these other sources of information as well as this handbook. The most up-to-date information is here in the MMC Graduate Handbook.

The Music and Multimedia Composition (MMC) Graduate Handbook