Handbook - Musicology and Ethnomusicology

This Handbook is intended to help guide new and continuing students through their graduate studies in musicology and ethnomusicology at Brown. It contains a mixture of rules, regulations, rationales, and advice. The Music Department’s graduate programs are currently administered by Mary Rego. Ms. Rego tracks students' academic milestones and maintains online and hard copy records. As our liaison with the Graduate School, she is here to assist students in all administrative matters having to do with regulations, forms, and deadlines (including but not limited to leaves of absence, 6th-year funding requests, support assignment forms, course registration problems, and transfer credit). Mary ([email protected]) should be contacted first on all administrative matters having to do with the Graduate School. Additionally, each graduate student should meet regularly with his/her academic advisor and the Director of Graduate Study (currently Professor Dana Gooley) to discuss goals, course planning, and progress. Please alert the DGS and/or Mary if you encounter any broken links in this document.

Musicology & Ethnomusicoloy Graduate Handbook