Professor Mark Steinbach Plays Organ Recital in Dresden, Germany

July 25, 2017

Mark Steinbach in Dresden

Tomorrow evening, July 26, Professor Mark Steinbach performs on the amazing 1755 Silbermann/Hildebrandt organ at the Cathedral in Dresden, Germany. Steinbach's program includes music of Bach, Heiller, Glass, and Steinbach’s esteemed Brown University colleague Wang Lu.

About the Organ
Gottfried Silbermann was a renowned builder or organs and an early builder of pianos. The organ in Dresden was the last instrument Silbermann constructed. He was unable to finish the organ before he died, so his student Hildebrandt completed the construction in 1755. Both of these organ builders were friends of J.S. Bach, and their workmanship was highly regarded by the composer and is still considered one of the high points in the art of organ building. Although J.S. Bach (1685-1750) did not live long enough to play this instrument, he played many other Silbermann organs. All of the Dresden organ’s parts are mechanical, except for the wind powered bellows. The instrument survived the devastating February 1945 bombing of Dresden, because citizens, well aware of the historical value of Silbermann’s organ, moved all of the pipes to a monastery outside of the city. The organ has since been carefully restored.