Byrd McDaniel (PhD '19 Ethnomusicology) to Join Northeastern University as Visiting Assistant Professor

May 20, 2019

The Department of Music proudly shares the news that Byrd McDaniel, PhD '19 Ethnomusicology, will join Northeastern University as Visiting Assistant Professor in Fall 2019. Congratulations, Byrd!

Byrd researches popular music reception in the United States, emphasizing listening, disability, and amateur performance. His dissertation features case studies on karaoke, air guitar competitions, and lip syncing. Byrd received a master’s degree in American studies at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and a bachelor’s degree in English and Chinese at Trinity University in San Antonio. He has designed and taught courses at the University of Alabama, Tufts University, and Brown University. His published work appears in Ethnomusicology, American Quarterly, and Disability Studies Quarterly. Learn more at