Concentration Requirements

Music Concentration Requirements

The music concentration requires ten (10) course credits. The requirements are:

Music Theory

●      Two courses in music theory, which may include one 400-level and one 500-level course, or two 500-level courses.

Music Scholarship, Production and Advanced Theory

A minimum of four upper-level courses above 1000, must include:
●      One upper-level course in musicology or ethnomusicology
●      Any three upper-level courses, including graduate-level courses

Additional Electives (according to student interest)

Four additional elective courses, may include:
●      Up to four half-credit courses in performance - AMP music instruction and/or Ensemble Participation (2 credits)
●      Up to two courses outside of the department
●      One music course below the 100 level

Senior Project

All music concentrators will choose a culminating experience for their senior year, either a capstone project or honors project. This may take the form of a performance, scholarly study, or original creative work. All students will have a primary advisor for their Senior Project. The work may be done independently of a course for credit, as an independent study, or within the framework of an existing course.