D. Rae Gould, Associate Director


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Rae Gould serves as Associate Director of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative. As a member of the Nipmuc Tribe of Massachusetts, she has lifelong connections to the tribes and peoples of southern New England. Her research, publications and teaching include: contemporary Native American culture, with a focus on the Northeast; the history and impact of federal laws (NAGPRA, Section 106 and federal acknowledgement); the history, methods and theories of archaeological practice in the U.S.; and place-based and critical heritage studies through the examination of Indigenous homelands as cultural landscapes.

Dr. Gould’s BA from Connecticut College was in Art and Architectural History and Anthropology; she earned her MA and PhD in Anthropology at the University of Connecticut, focusing her research on her tribe’s reservation (the Hassanamisco Reservation) in Grafton, Massachusetts.


Archaeological practice and theory / Indigenous Archaeology / NAGPRA / Cultural landscapes / Cultural Heritage and Resources / Historic Preservation / Museum Collections Stewardship



Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISI)

Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA)



Read D. Rae Gould's curriculum vitae here.