Selected Faculty Publications

Scott AnderBois

AnderBois, Scott. To appear. Illocutionary mirativity: the case of Yucatec Maya bakáan. In Proceedings of SULA 9.

AnderBois, Scott. To appear. U chíikulil k'áatchi': forma, función, y la estandarización de la puntuación [English: The question mark: form, function and standardization]. In untitled volume on variation and standardization in Yucatec Maya, ed. Barbara Blaha Pfeiler. CEPHCIS, UNAM-Mérida.

AnderBois, Scott. 2016. Semantics and pragmatics of (not-)at-issueness in Yucatec Maya attitude reportsSemantics & Pragmatics 9(19).

Silva, Wilson and Scott AnderBois. 2016. Fieldwork Game Play: Masterminding Evidentiality in DesanoLanguage Documentation & Conservation 10: 58-76.

Geri Augusto

"Digitizing African IKS: Epistemic Complexity, Datadiversity & Cognitive Justice." International Information and Library Review. December 2008.

"Knowledge Free and ‘Unfree’: Epistemic Tensions in Plant Knowledge at the Cape in the 17thand 18th Centuries." International Journal of African Renaissance Studies: Multi-, Inter- and Transdisciplinarity (UNISA Centre for African Renaissance Studies, Pretoria.), Vol. 2, Issue 2, Oct. 2007, pp. 136-182.

"Innovating through Biochemistry, ‘Composing’ Knowledge, and Gambling on Interaction: Seeing Natural Drug Development through Practitioners’ Eyes." Indilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (South Africa), Vol. 4, no. 1, June 2005. See also 

"Context, Co-presence and “Compossibilities ”: Case Study on Bioprospecting between Endogenous Knowledge and Science in South Africa." International Journal of Biotechnology, vol. 4, nos. 2/3, 2002.

Mark Cladis

“To Lukachukai and Back: The Journey Home” in Vintage, eds. Paul Kane and Donata Carrazza  (Victoria: Hardie Grant, 2004), pp. 91-104.    

“The Discovery and Recovery of Time in History and Religion,” in History and Theory 48:3 (2009): 283-294  

Bathesda Demuth

Law on the Land: Contesting Ethical Authority in the Western Arctic Ethnohistory. 2013; 60 (3) : 469-483 . full text

“More Things on Heaven and Earth: Modernism and Reindeer in Chukotka and Alaska" Northscapes: History, Technology, and the Making of Northern Environments. . Ed. Dolly Jørgensen and Sverker Sörlin. University of British Columbia Press, 2013 .

Paja Faudree

2013. Singing for the Dead: The Politics of Indigenous Revival in Mexico. Duke University Press

 2012. “How to Say Things with Wars: Performativity and Discursive Rupture in the Requerimiento of the Spanish Conquest.” Journal of Linguistic Anthropology22(3): 182-200

Linford Fisher

Decoding Roger Williams: The Lost Essay of Rhode Island’s Founding Father, with J. Stanley Lemons and Lucas Mason-Brown, Baylor University Press, 2014.

“‘By Treachery and Seduction’: Indian Baptism and Conversion in the Roger Williams Code,” with Lucas Mason-Brown, The William and Mary Quarterly 71, no. 2, 3rd ser. (April 2014): 175-202.

“‘Dangerous Designes’: The 1676 Barbados Act to Prohibit New England Indian Slave Importation,” The William and Mary Quarterly 71, no. 1, 3rd ser. (January 2014): 99-124. 

The Indian Great Awakening: Religion and the Shaping of Native Cultures in Early America, Oxford University Press 2012.

“A Brass Hawk and an Indian Bible: Land, Sachemship Disputes, and Power in the Conversion of Ben Uncas II,” Journal of Social History 47:2 (Winter 2013). 

“‘It provd But Temporary, & Short lived’: Pequot Affiliation in the First Great Awakening,” Ethnohistory 59:3 (July 2012): 465-488.

"Writing Histories: Empire, Religion, and the Production of Native American Manuscripts, 1600 – 1800," in Manuscripts 63:4 (Fall 2011).

 Elizabeth Hoover

2013. “Cultural and Health Implications of Fish Advisories in a Native American CommunityEcological Processes 2:4. doi:10.1186/2192-1709-2-4 

 2012 Hoover, Elizabeth, Katsi Cook, Ron Plain, Kathy Sanchez, Vi Waghiyi, Pamela Miller, Renee Dufault, Caitlin Sislin and David O. Carpenter. 2012. “Indigenous Peoples of North America: Environmental Exposures and Reproductive Justice” Environmental Health Perspectives.120:1645-1649.

Stephen Houston

2014  The Life Within:  Classic Maya and the Longing for Permanence. New Haven: Yale University Press.                          

2013 (Re)Presenting the Past: Archaeology and its Images (Sheila Bonde and Stephen Houston,   edited). Providence: Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World.

2012 Maya Archaeology 2 (eds., Charles Golden, Stephen Houston, and Joel Skidmore).  San Francisco: Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute.

2010 The Fiery Pool: Maritime Worlds of the Ancient Maya (Daniel Finamore and Stephen Houston) New Haven: Yale University Press.           

2009 The Classic Maya (Stephen Houston and Takeshi Inomata) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

 2009 Veiled Brightness: A History of Ancient Maya Color (Stephen Houston, Claudia Brittenham, Cassandra Mesick, Alexandre Tokovinine, and Claudia Warinner). Austin: University of Texas Press.

2006. The Memory of Bones: Body, Being, and Experience among the Classic Maya. (Stephen Houston, David Stuart, and Karl Taube). Austin: University of Texas Press.

 Evelyn Hu-Dehart

1981 Missionaries, Miners, and Indians: History of Spanish Contact with the Yaqui Indians of Northwestern New Spain, 1533-1830.  Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

 1984 Yaqui Resistance and Survival: Struggle for Land and Autonomy, 1821-1910.  Madison: University of Wisconsin Press.

1995 Adaptación y Resistencia en el Yaquimi: Los Yaquis durante la colonia.  Colección de Historia de los Pueblos Indígenas de Mexico, dirigido por Teresa Rojas Rabiela y Mario Humberto Ruz.  Mexico: Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiors en Antropología Social (CIESAS)  Mexico, D.F.: Instituto Nacional Indigenista.  (This series won the Guadalajara Book Fair Prize in 1996.)

In addition, she has published an article in Spanish and in Zoque Mayan: "Rebelión campesina en el noroeste: los indios yaquis de Sonora, 1940-1976"/Te'machin yoxajpabü'is kyijpkutyam Sonora'is che'na'omo: yaki 

 Adrienne Keene

College Pride, Native Pride: A Portrait of a Culturally Grounded Precollege Access Program for American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Students Harvard Educational Review. 2016; 86 (1) : 72-97 . full text

Representations matter: Supporting Native students in college environments. Journal Committed to Social Change on Race and Ethnicity. 2015; 1 (1) : 102-111.

Truong, Kimberly A.; Graves, Daren; and Keene, Adrienne J. . Faculty of color teaching Critical Race Theory at a PWI: An autoethnography Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis. 2014; 3 (4) .

Robert Preucel

2011 Preucel, Robert W.  "An archaeology of NAGPRA: Conversations with Suzan Shown Harjo." Journal of Social Archaeology 11(2):1-13.

2002 Preucel, Robert W. (editor) Archaeologies of the Pueblo Revolt:  Identity, Meaning and Renewal in the Pueblo World. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque.

2005 Williams, Lucy Fowler, William Wierzbowski, and Robert W. Preucel (editors) Native American Voices on Identity, Art, and Culture: Objects of Everlasting Esteem. University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia. 

 Pat Rubertone

Forethcoming 2017 Rubertone, Patricia E. "Archaeologies of Native Production and Marketing in 19th Century New England." In Foreign Objects: Rethinking Indigenous Consumption In American Archaeology, ed. Craig Cipolla. (Tucson: University of Arizona Press).

2014 Rubertone, Patricia E. "Beyond Squanto and the Pilgrims: Indians and Europeans in New England." In The Oxford Handbook of Historical Archaeology, eds. James Symonds and Herva Vesa-Pekka. on-line.

2012 "Monuments and Sexual Politics in New England Indian Country." In The Archaeology of Colonialism: Intimate Encounters and Sexual Effects.  Barbara Voss and Eleanor Casella, eds., pp. 232-251. Cambridge University Press, UK. 

2008 Archaeologies of Placemaking: Monuments, Memories, and Engagement in Native North America. (editor). One World Archaeology 59, Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, CA.

2001 Grave Undertakings: An Archaeology of Roger Williams and the Narragansett Indians. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, DC and London.

 2000 "The Historical Archaeology of Native Americans." Annual Review of Anthropology 29:425-446.

Andrew Scherer

2015 Mortuary Landscapes of the Classic Maya: Rituals of Body and Soul. University of Texas Press, Austin.

2014  Embattled Bodies, Embattled Places: War in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica and the Andes [A.K. Scherer and J.W. Verano, editors]. Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Trustees for Harvard University, Washington D.C.

2013 “Territory, Trust, Growth and Collapse in Classic Period Maya Kingdoms” [C. Golden and A.K. Scherer].  Current Anthropology 54(4). 

2012 Revisiting Maler's Usumacinta: Recent Archaeological Investigation in Chiapas, Mexico [A.K. Scherer and C. Golden].  Monograph 1.  Precolumbia Mesoweb Press, San Francisco. 

William Simmons

2002. “From Manifest Destiny to the Melting Pot: The Life and Times of Charlotte Mitchell, Wampanoag.” In William L. Merrill and Ives Goddard, eds.Anthropology, History, and American Indians: Essays in Honor of William Curtis SturtevantSmithsonian Contributions to Anthropology, Number 44, pp. 131-138.

“Indian Peoples of California.” In Contested Eden: California Before the Gold Rush, Ramon Guitierrez and Richard Orsi, eds. California Historical Society and University of California Press, pp. 48-77

1989 The Narragansett. New York and Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers

1986 Spirit of the New England Tribes: Indian History and Folklore, 1620-1984. Hanover and London: University Press of New England.

 Josh Tucker

2013 "Producing the Andean Voice: Popular Music, Folkloric Performance, and the Possessive Investment in Indigeneity." Latin American Music Review 33, 2.

2013 "From The World of the Poor to the Beaches of "Eisha": Chicha, Cumbia, and the Search for a Popular Subject in Peru." In All Cumbias, The Cumbia: The Transnationalization of a Latin American Musical Genre. Edited by Pablo Vila and Héctor Fernández L'Hoeste. Duke University Press.

2013 Gentleman Troubadours and Andean Pop Stars: Huayno Music, Media Work, and Ethnic Imaginaries in Urban Peru. The University of Chicago Press.

2011 "Permitted Indians and Popular Music in Contemporary Peru: The Politics and Poetics of Indigenous Performativity." Ethnomusicology 55/3:387-413.

Parker VanValkenburgh

Building Subjects: the Archaeology of Reducción and Forced Urbanism (under contract, University of Arizona Press)

Traslaviña, T. A., Chase, Z., VanValkenburgh, P. and J.M.B. Weaver, eds. in press. Definiendo el Derrotero: Posibilidades y Perspectivas para una Arqueología Histórica en el Perú.

2013 VanValkenburgh, Parker. “Creolization, Hybridity and Mestizaje: A Comment.” Archaeological Review from Cambridge 28: 301-322.

2013 VanValkenburgh, Parker and James F. Osborne. “Home Turf: Archaeology, Territoriality, and Politics.” Territoriality in Archaeology, ed. Osborne, James F. and Parker VanValkenburgh, eds. Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association 22: 1-27.

2013 VanValkenburgh, Parker, Carol Rojas Vega and Rocío Torres Mora. “Arqueología Histórica en los Valles de Zaña y Chamán.” Revista Argumentos, año 7, n° 3. Lima: IEP.