Funding Requests


This fund, overseen by the Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative, is designated to provide support for on-campus and off-campus projects which explore, and increase understanding of, the cultural traditions and political experiences of Indigenous Peoples throughout the hemisphere and the world through historical and contemporary lenses. Funds may be used to support speakers, lecture series, films, events and symposia, as well as fund a clearly delineated working group for meetings, materials (books, etc.) visitors and presentations. Please read through all four application descriptions to ensure that you are applying in the right category.

Internal Funding Requests (within Brown University):

Small Co-Sponsorships for Events and Projects

  • Rolling Deadline, may take up to three weeks to review

  • Maximum Award of $500

In order for us to evaluate all inquiries fairly, we ask for specific information from all requests for co-sponsorship. If you would like us to consider your program for co-sponsorship please complete the web form here.

Large Co-Sponsorships for Events and Projects

  • Rolling deadline, may take up to 60 days to review

  • Maximum Award of $1,500

Applicants must complete this application form using the spaces allotted to describe the project as requested. Within this form, you will be asked to submit a one- to two-page document describing the proposed topic, theme, or subject, along with the overall content of the proposed event, project, or working group. Indicate the importance of its relationship to the field of Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) and how it aligns with the goals of the NAIS Initiative. Additionally, please provide a detailed budget for your event. If the project is being funded by other sources and/or you intend to request co-sponsorships from other units, please indicate that in the document (and how much is being requested from each).

Proposals will be evaluated by the NAISAB Executive Committee. Other relevant faculty may be consulted at the discretion of the Committee. Accepted proposals will be based on proposal quality, viability and potential contribution to the goals of the NAIS Initiative.

Grantees will be asked to provide a brief summary of their activities within one month of the end of their project. Please apply here.

Research and Course Development Funding

  • Rolling deadline, may take up to 60 days to review
  • Typical Award of $500 - $1,000

If you are a faculty member, postdoctoral fellow or other researcher, graduate student, undergraduate student, or staff member internal to Brown University working on a research project related to Native American and Indigenous Studies, you can apply for this research grant from Native American and Indigenous Studies at Brown. Or, if you are a faculty member or other Brown University instructor, you can apply for this grant to help fund the development or re-development of a course that uses Native American and Indigenous Studies teaching and research methods. Please respond to the questions below as completely as possible so we can review and evaluate your request. Please apply here.

Other Brown University Funding

Click here to see a list of research, internship, and course development funding opportunities from programs across the university (available to Brown-affiliated students and faculty).

External Funding Requests (Outside Brown University):

External Co-Sponsorships

  • Rolling deadline, may take up to 60 days to review

If your organization, Indigenous community, or research group outside of Brown University would like to request co-sponsorship from the Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative at Brown for an event or project, please submit the following information so that we may process your request fully. If your request is approved, we ask that you share all completed marketing materials with us and note NAISAB as a co-sponsor. Events and projects co-sponsored by NAISAB are promoted in our newsletters, web page and on social media. Please apply here.