Graduate Students

Brown University does not currently offer a graduate degree or certificate in Native American and Indigenous Studies. However, NAISI provides professional, academic development, and community-building opportunities for Native American and Indigenous graduate students and graduate students working in the field of Native American and Indigenous Studies. These opportunities include support to attend the NAISA annual meeting and/or other discipline-specific conferences, symposia, workshops and similar gatherings to present on or engage in Native American and Indigenous Studies.

Mark Agostini

PhD Candidate, Anthropological Archaeology Program, Department of Anthropology

Lewis and Clark Field Scholar (American Philosophical Society), Haffenreffer Museum Proctor

Research Interests: Ancestral Pueblo archaeology; Ceramic analysis; Tribal Sovereignty; Repatriation

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Chase Bryer (Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma) 


Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Ph.D. Program

Research Interests: Historical trauma research, culturally responsive approaches, Indigenous Queer and Two-Spirit health and wellness.

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Kimonee M. Burke (Narragansett)

PhD Student, Department of History

Research Interests: Native American and Indigenous Studies, Northeastern Native History, Federal Acknowledgment Policy

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Harper Dine

PhD student, Department of Anthropology

Research Interests: Harper is an anthropological archaeologist working in the northern Maya lowlands (Yucatán), and is broadly interested in food security/food sovereignty, political economy, and people-plant relations. Harper's research involves the use of paleoethnobotanical and archaeological methods to examine local household food production and consumption in the context of grand-scale political and economic change across the landscape of the Yaxuna-Coba region in the Classic period (250-900 AD). 

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Dan W. Everton 

MA Student, Public Humanities

Research Interests: As a historian and archaeologist, Dan works within cultural heritage institutions to decolonize and instill ethics in collection management and repatriation. His research includes NAGPRA, global repatriation issues, and human remains.

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Luiz Paulo Ferraz

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History Department, Ph.D. Program

Research Interests: Modern Latin America, especially Brazil; Indigenous History; Transnational History; Environment and Society; Public History. 

Luiz Paulo Ferraz's research examines the struggles for Indigenous rights and environmental protection in Brazil, exploring the interconnection of Indigenous and environmental history during the military dictatorship (1964-1985) and its aftermath from both a national and transnational perspective.

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Phoebe Labat


PhD Candidate, History Department

Research Interests: Atlantic History; Native American and First Nations history; Environmental history; Race and slavery; Indigenous natural knowledge and spirituality.

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Ally LaForge

PhD Candidate, Department of American Studies

Research Interests: Native American and Indigenous Studies; Histories of the Native Northeast; Decolonizing Methodologies; Public Humanities; Material Culture

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Dominique Pablito (Zuni, Navajo, Comanche)

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PhD Student, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry

Research Interests: Identifying New Therapeutic Target Genes and Candidate Small Molecules to Treat Glioblastoma Multiforme

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