Native American and Indigenous Studies

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  • Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Welcome to Brown University's Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative (NAISI), a cross-disciplinary initiative focused on teaching, research and engagement to increase understanding of the cultural traditions, histories, political experiences, and contemporary experiences and knowledges of Native American and Indigenous peoples.

NAISI currently includes administrative and student staff plus 24 faculty affiliated with departments across the University, including American Studies, History, Anthropology, Religion, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, Cognitive Linguistic and Psychological Sciences, Hispanic Studies, Environmental Studies, Science, Technology and Society, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, History of Art and Architecture, International and Public Affairs, Music, and Public Humanities. Courses offered by NAISI-affiliated faculty explore a wide array of topics connected to Native American and Indigenous peoples. We invite you to view the list of courses offered and the various interests of our affiliated faculty and follow our events calendar and social media to stay connected.