Experimental Neurobiology

NEUR 1600 S02 [CRN: 27364]

Intensive laboratory experience in neuroscience appropriate for students with basic background in Neurobiology. Learn and employ the classical neurophysiological techniques of extracellular recording, intracellular recording and receptive field mapping using a variety of animal species. Experiments will include recording of sensory signals in the cockroach leg; frog sciatic nerve and sciatic nerve/muscle preparation and intracellular recording of neurons in Aplysia. Instruction on and practice of effective science writing is another component to this course. Labs are supplemented by informal lectures. Please request override through [email protected] Overrides will not be given until after the first course meeting.
Spring 2021
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Writing - Designated Courses
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13:00 - 17:00 Thu - from Jan 20, 2021 to Apr 23, 2021
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