NSP:PAL Coordinators

NSP:PAL coordinators share responsibility for the smooth operation of NSP:PAL with the NSP coordinator. To this end, coordinators are trainers, academic and personal support, and quality assurance. Fortunately, coordinators do not tackle these disparate and complex roles alone---they work as a team in everything that they do. As such, a coordinator's greatest responsibility is to collaborate with others and maintain open communications with their peers.

Academic Requirements

Coordinators are exceptional science students who meet the following requirements:

  • Semester Standing > 5 (at time of employment)
  • Good Academic Standing
  • STEM Concentrator
  • Minimum 'B' Average

Time Requirements

Coordinators work 10 hours per week 15 weeks per semester. No more. No less. Six of the 10 hours are during normal business hours M-F 0830-1700 and with another coordinator. The remaining 4 hours are meant to be flexible enough to allow for late night events, small group meetings, training, and other activities that cannot be scheduled during the standard work day.

If you are interested in becoming a coordinator, please contact nsp@brown.edu.