NSP:PAL Mentors

NSP:PAL mentors serve as advisors and leaders in both an academic and personal capacity for their mentees at Brown. As advisors, mentors are the conveyors of information to their students. As leaders, mentors set strong examples for their students to follow and invest themselves in the happiness and success of their students.

In addition to their roles as advisors and leaders, mentors also serve as members of a team, supporting one another as part of a larger whole in pursuit of a single mission.

Academic Requirements

Mentors are good science students who meet the following requirements:

  • Semester Standing > 3 (at time of service)
  • Good Academic Standing
  • STEM Concentrator
  • Minimum 'B' Average

Additionally, mentors are well-rounded students who have taken a diveristy of classes and are involved in activities outside of just coursework. Students who have demonstrated an ability to maintain balance among courses, service, work, clubs, or athletics are preferred.

Time Commitment

On average, NSP:PAL mentors should plan to spend about four hours per week interacting with NSP staff and working with their two mentees 1-on-1. The breakdown of time requirements is as follows:

  • 1-2 hours meeting with students
  • 30 minutes preparing for meetings
  • 30 minutes writing about meetings
  • 1 hour in small group meetings

Additionally, mentors spend 30 minutes meeting with a coordinator each month and may be required to participate in Professional Development workshops to improve their mentoring ability.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please complete the New Scientist Mentor Application.  For questions please contact nsp@brown.edu.