Scepticism, Ancient and Modern: Sextus, Descartes, Hume

PHIL 0991L S01 [CRN: 15620]

Ancient Sceptics had a great series of arguments for undermining claims to knowledge and (some say) belief. (Honey tastes sweet to some, but bitter to people with a fever. 'Since everything is relative, we shall suspend judgement as to how things are independently'. And many more.) But, some say, it was only with Descartes that philosophers put in question the very existence of an independent world. We shall explore what kind of life the life of a sceptic may be; what kinds of fragmentation of the world may (or may not) result; and some differences between older and newer forms of scepticism.
Fall 2017
15:00 - 16:20 Tue, Thu - from Sep 6, 2017 to Dec 21, 2017