About this Department

About the Department

The Philosophy Department at Brown University offers programs leading to the full range of graduate and undergraduate degrees.

Brown's Ph.D program has longstanding strengths in epistemology, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, ethics, and history of philosophy; and we have more recently developed additional strengths in political philosophy and in aesthetics.

Like all of Brown's fine departments, the Philosophy Department takes a special pleasure in contributing to the teaching and training of undergraduates, as part of Brown's overall commitment to a liberal education. The Department offers a range of courses suited to newcomers to philosophy, covering subjects from the philosophy of religion, to the philosophy of science, to the philosophy of literature, as well as survey courses on various periods of the history of philosophy.

For undergraduates with a deeper interest in the subject, there are programs leading to the A.B. degree, the A.B. degree with honors, and the combined A.B.-M.A. degrees. As well as the standard philosophy concentration, there is an interdisciplinary concentration in Physics and Philosophy. The standard concentration also encourages an inter-disciplinary approach by allowing students to apply related courses in other departments towards the fulfillment of their concentration requirements. The requirements also allow ample room for concentrators to pursue their individual interests, as these develop.

For general questions about the department, you may contact us by email. For questions about the Philosophy concentration, contact Director of Undergraduate Studies Justin Broackes.