PhDs Awarded 1939-1969


  • Richard Arnaud, Some metaphysical questions concerning individualthings (Roderick Chisholm)
  • Fred Feldman, Some problems concerning identity (Roderick Chisholm)
  • Michael Goldman, A consideration of some theories of ontological commitment (Jaegwon Kim)
  • Robinson Grover, The concept of political control (John Ladd)
  • Leonard Lyons, Counterfactuals and "truth conditions" (Ernest Sosa)
  • Jerome Simon, An examination of certain aspects of the coherence theory of truth (Roderick Chisholm)


  • Richard Blackstone, An examination of the philosophical methods of G. E. Moore (John Lenz)
  • Burton Leiser, Custom and its relations to law (John Ladd)


  • Joseph Camp, Intentionality: two studies (Roderick Chisholm)
  • James Mish'alani, Objects, names, and variables: an investigation in the theory of designation (Wesley C. Salmon)
  • Charles Raff, Knowledge and memory (Herbert Heidelberger)
  • John Walker, Aesthetic theory and the concept of expression (Vincent Tomas)


  • Charles Dyke, Political duties and their limits (John Ladd)


  • Robert Cohen, Some theories of categories (Roderick Chisholm)
  • Ann Ferguson, Some philosophical problems concerning action and desire (Roderick M. Chisholm)
  • Robert Jewell, The problem of justifying deduction (Roderick M. Chisholm)


  • Bernard Rosen, Ethical intuitionism: A Defense of Philosophy (Vincent Tomas)
  • Haywood Shuford, A behavioristic theory of signs (Roderick M. Chisholm)


  • James Graff, Moral agency (John W. Lenz)
  • Robert Sleigh, An examination of Thomas Reid's account of our knowledge of the external world and other minds(Roderick M. Chisholm)


  • William Beckett, Probability, reasonable behavior, and reasonablebelief (Wesley C. Salmon)
  • John Canfield, The compatibility of free will and determinism (Richard Schmitt)
  • Rosalind Ekman, The problem of Akrasia: a test for the adequacy of metatethical theories (Joel Feinberg)


  • George Jones, A critical examination of the religious and moral thoughtof Reinhold Niebuhr (Curt J. Ducasse)
  • Mary Miller, The logic of indeterminacy in quantum mechanics (Wesley C. Salmon)
  • James Pratt, Standards of criticism in the visual arts (Vincent Tomas)


  • Peter Coffin, Philosophy, education, and value: a philosophicstudy (Curt J. Ducasse)
  • James Cornman, Linguistic reference and the mind-bodyproblem (John W. Lenz)
  • Thomas Howell, Indices in perception and indices in logic (Wesley C. Salmon)
  • Keith Lehrer, Ifs, cans and causes (Richard Taylor)
  • James Smith, Punishment: its nature and justification (Joel Feinberg)


  • Myron Anderson, Language and ontology (Wesley C. Salmon)
  • Carlton Gregory, The problem of descriptive religious statements with special reference to the thought of Paul Tillich (Roderick M. Chisholm)


  • James Ross, A critical analysis of the theory of analogy of St. Thomas Aquinas (Roderick M. Chisholm)


  • Timothy Duggan, Thomas Reid's theory of empirical evidence (Roderick M. Chisholm)


  • Robert Ammerman, The natures of concepts and images (Richard Taylor)
  • William Eastman, A critical discussion of Russell's neutral monism (Wesley C. Salmon)


  • Richard Cartwright, Logical constructions (Roderick M. Chisholm)
  • Gerald Myers, An analysis of propositional attitudes: a linguistic approach (Roderick M. Chisholm)


  • Richard Taylor, The analysis of judgment situations (Roderick M. Chisholm)


  • Ian McGreal, The meaning of moral obligation (Charles A. Baylis)


  • Joseph Ledden, The nature of philosophical problems (Curt J. Ducasse)


  • William Sibley, An examination of Dewey's theory of knowledge (Curt J. Ducasse)


  • Vincent Tomas, The criticism of literature (Curt J. Ducasse)


  • Joseph Jackson, A philosophical analysis of individual ethical opinions (Curt J. Ducasse)
  • Frances Murphy, The place of moral responsibility in the philosophies of Whitehead and Peirce (Ralph M. Blake)


  • Maylon Hepp, A critical examination of G.E. Moore's theory of knowledge and philosophic method (Arthur E. Murphy)