Philosophers on Diversity Lecture: Sally Haslanger, MIT

January 24th, 2020 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Robert Center, Petteruti Lounge

Please join the Philosophy department for the Philosophers on Diversity lecture "Political Epistemology and Social Critique" with Sally Haslanger, MIT. The lecture will be held in Petteruti Lounge in the Robert Campus Center (75 Waterman Street) at 3:30PM. A reception will immediately follow in Corliss-Brackett (45 Prospect Street).

Abstract: This paper explores the methodology of social critique. The background concern is that social critique requires substantive empirical knowledge of the conditions of injustice as well as a normative framework for evaluating complex oppressive systems. How do we proceed? Haslanger sketches three models: the applied moral theory model, the medical model, and the critical theory model, and argue that under conditions of moral disagreement and broad ideological distortion, we have reason to adopt the critical theory model. This paper invites us to shift the theoretical task from developing a theory of justice to an epistemology of injustice by considering the role of social movements in social critique.