Job Placement Information

This page contains information on the placement of all our Ph.D's who graduated since 2000 and for whom we can obtain information.  The directory is organized by the year in which our students defended their dissertations.


Harrison Chalmers

Dissertation: Moral Authority, Normative Totality (James Dreier)
Current Position: Visiting Professor Oberlin College

Thomas Fisher

Dissertation: How Much Blameworthiness Do We Share?  All-or-Nothing Principles of Proportionality in Accounts of Individual Blameworthiness for Collective Harm (David Estlund)
Current Position: Instructor in Humanities at The Hotchkiss School

Brett Topey

Dissertation: Apriorty for Empiricists:  Making Sense of Truth by Convention (Christopher Hill)
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Salzburg

Leo Yan

Dissertation: Making Sense of Seeming Incomparability (James Dreier)
Current Position: Assistant Professor Indiana University Pennsylvania


Zachary Barnett

Dissertation: The Opinions of Others and the Role of Rational Belief (David Christensen)
Current Position: Assistant Professor position at National University of Singapore
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Iain Laidley

Dissertation: Form and Physics in Plato's Timaeus (Mary Louise Gill)
Current Position: Associate at GoodFolk Agency

Steven Yamamoto

Dissertation: Perceptual Content and Perceptual Justification (Christopher Hill)
Current Position: Adjunct Faculty at Bridgewater State University


Han Li

Dissertation: The Demand of Epistemic Rationality (David Christensen)
Current Position:  Adjunct Faculty, Rowan University

Nicholas Smyth

Dissertation: Making Sense of Moral Progress (Bernard Reginster) 
Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Fordham University


Miquel Miralbes del Pino

Dissertation: The Multiple Relations Theory Judgement in Russell and in Modern Theories of Propositional Content (Richard Heck)
Current Position:  Adjunct Faculty, Bridgewater State University

Timothy Syme

Dissertation: Everyday Life and the Demands of Justice (David Estlund)
Current Position:  Postdoctorate Fellow, IE University in Segovia, Spain
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Nicolas Bommarito

Dissertation: Inner Virtue (Nomy Arpaly)
Current Position: Assistant Professor position at SUNY Buffalo. 
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Alexandra King

Dissertation: Practical Reason and the Limit of Ability (James Dreier)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, SUNY Buffalo
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Antonio Ramirez

Dissertation: Righteous Villainy: A Defense of 'Offence' (Felicia Nimue Ackerman)
Current Position:  Chair of Philosophy Department, DeAnza College


Sun Hyung Rhee

Dissertation: Agent Causation and Reduction (Jaegwon Kim)
Current Position: lecturer at Seoul National University and Ewha Womans University



Derek Bowman

Dissertation: Utopian Models and the Ideal Theory Debate (David Estlund)
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Providence College
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Dana Howard

Dissertation: On Behalf of Another (David Estlund)
Current Position: Instructor (tenure track), Division of Bioethics, Department of Biomedical Education and Anatomy at Ohio State University.
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Paul Klumpe

Dissertation: Addiction and Responsibility (Nomy Arpaly)
Current Position: Philosophy Instructor at Santa Monica College


Matthew Konig

Dissertation: Taking Seriously the Metaphysics of Mental Causation: A Nonreductivist Account (Jaegwon Kim)
Current Position: Part-Time Faculty, Adelphi University


Eoin Ryan

Dissertation: Unifiying the Pluralism of Introspection (Nomy Arpaly) 
Current Position: Tutor, School of Philosophy University College Dublin


Kateryna Samoilova

Dissertation: The Case for Pluralism About Introspection (Joshua Schechter) 
Current Position: Assistant Professor, California State University Chico 
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Sean Aas

Dissertation: Understanding Global Injustice (David Estlund)
Current Position: Senior Research Scholar and Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown University.
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Andrew Rotondo

Dissertation: Standing Your Ground: Epistemic Justification in the Face of Disagreement (David Christensen)
Current Position: Assistant Lecturer, University of New England
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Jed Silverstein

Dissertation: 'Not the Boss of Me': Reviving the Relationship Between Political and Parental Authority (David Estlund)
Current Position: High School Teacher, Riverdale Country School, NY


Chiwook Won

Dissertation: Reasons, Actions, and Causes (Jaegwon Kim)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
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Katherine Jarvis

Dissertation: Towards an Anti-Permissive Epistemology (David Christensen)
Current Position: Regulatory Coordinator in the Research Integrity office at Weill Cornell Medical College


Maxwell Pines

Dissertation: Understanding Actions (James Dreier)
Current Position: Assistant Public Defender at Law Office of the Public Defender of the State of New Mexico



Ali Eslami

Dissertation: The Feeling of Justification: A Phenomenological Amendment to Virtue Epistemology (Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Medical Doctor, Private Practice


Kevin Morris

Dissertation: Physicalism and A Priori Connections, Realization, and Reduction: Two Issues in the Metaphysics of Mind (Jaegwon Kim)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Tulane University
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Jason D'Cruz

Dissertation: Imagination and Emotion in Action (Nomy Arpaly)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, SUNY Albany

Benjamin Jarvis

Dissertation: Teleology and Intentionality: A Challenge to the Deflationary View (Richard Heck)
Current Position: MBA student in the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University

James Taggart
Dissertation: Humean Theory of Motivation (James Dreier) 
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Baltimore

Nick Treanor

Dissertation: The World in Mind (Jaegwon Kim)
Current Position: Chancellor's Fellow in Philosophy, University of Edinburgh
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Aaron-Dirk Boyden

Dissertation: Reducing Realism (Jaegwon Kim)
Current Position: Instructor, Rhode Island College


Paul Neufeld

Dissertation: The Fitting and the Virtuous in Stoic Ethics (Victor Caston)
Current Position: Attorney, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP


Rebekah Rice

Dissertation: A Causal Approach to the Nature of Human Action (Jaegwon Kim)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Seattle Pacific University


Jerry Steinhofer

Dissertation: Epistemic Desert and the Value of Knowledge (Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Visiting Lecturer, Bridgewater State College
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Teresa Celada

Dissertation: Procreative Liberty and its Critics (James Dreier)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Wheaton College


Simon Feldman

Dissertation: Reason and the Limits of Morality (James Dreier)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Connecticut College.


Christopher Kane

Dissertation: The Naive Counterfactual Analysis of Causation (Jaegwon Kim)
Current Position: Adjunct Instructor, Molloy College



John Turri

Dissertation: Epistemic Reasons (Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo
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Derek Ettinger

Dissertation: Making Sense of Things (Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Attorney, New York State Department of Financial Services


Allan Hazlett

Dissertation: Grice's Razor and Moore's Gambit (Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Assistant Professor at Washington University in St. Louis.
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Alyssa Ney

Dissertation: The Metaphysics of Unified Science (Jaegwon Kim)
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of California, Davis


Lilian O'Brien

Dissertation: A Non-Causalist Theory of Rationalization (Jaegwon Kim)
Current Position: Lecturer, University College Cork



Michael Pace

Dissertation: Perceptual Consciousness and Epistemic Justification (Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Chapman University
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Juan Comesaña

Dissertation: The Ways of Reason (Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Arizona
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Jordi Fernandez

Dissertation: Externalism and Self-Knowledge (Jaegwon Kim)
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Adelaide



John Abruzzese

Dissertation: True and Immutable Natures in Descartes' Ontological Proof (James Van Cleve)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Providence College


Robert Howell

Dissertation: Self-Knowledge and Self-Reference (Jaegwon Kim and Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Professor, Southern Methodist University
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Uriah Kriegel

Dissertation: Conscious Content (Jaegwon Kim)
Current Position: Research Director, Institut Jean Nicod
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David Matheson

Dissertation: Understanding, Validation and the Everyday in Epistemology (Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Carleton University

Jay Newhard

Dissertation: A Correspondence Theory of Truth (James Van Cleve)  Current Position: Faculty, East Carolina University

David Prentiss

Dissertation: Doing What a Good Person Would Do: An Exploration of Pure Virtue Theory (John Ladd)
Current Position: Lecturer, University of Rhode Island


Baron Reed

Dissertation: Knowledge, Agency, and Personhood (Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Northwestern University
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Joseph Shieber

Dissertation: The Reasons Others Give Us: The Norms of Assertion Account of the Epistemic Status of Testimony (Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Lafayette University
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Patrick Durning

Dissertation: Philosophical Anarchism and the Duty to Obey (David Estlund)
Current Position: High School Teacher, Kinkaid School


Douglas Webb

Dissertation: On the Libertarian Approach to Freedom and Responsibility (James Van Cleve)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Lakeland Community College



Jeffrey Auker

Dissertation: Eidolons: An Argument Against Explanatory Exclusion (Gary Gates)
Current Position: Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers


Jason Kawall

Dissertation: Virtues, Ideal Observers, and the Foundations of Normativity (Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Colgate University
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Jennifer Lackey

Dissertation: Rationality, Defeaters, and Testimony (Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Professor, Northwestern University


Peter Marton

Dissertation: Skeptical Games (Ernest Sosa)
Current Position: Part-Time Assistant Professor, Clark University


John Stone

Dissertation: Disadvantage and the Allocation of Health-Care Resources (Dan Brock)


Dale Tuggy

Dissertation: Agent Causation (James Van Cleve)
Current Position: Professor, SUNY Fredonia


Katherine Witzig

Dissertation: Racial Concepts: An Epistemological and Ethical Critique (Richard Schmitt)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Southwestern Illinois College


All and only students who currently have some form of academic employment are listed above. Therefore, students who sought jobs before finishing their degrees but have not yet secured a position and have not yet finished their degrees are not listed above.

For privacy reasons, we do not list students who completed their degrees but do not have academic appointments. So that the foregoing should not be misleading however, we list the number of such students in each year here: 2013: 4 students; 2011: 1 student.

By the way, no assumptions should be made about the students who have left philosophy. In particular, it should not be assumed that they have not been "successful". They are teachers, doctors, lawyers, and business people, among other things.