2014 Arthur O. Williams Lecture: Ancient Roman Technology: The Stability of Vaulted Masonry Structures

Brandeis University

Monday, April 7, 2014 at 4:00 pm
Barus & Holley 166
Refreshments at 3:30 pm

"Ancient Roman Technology: The Stability of Vaulted Masonry Structures”
In imperial Rome, the use of vaulted structures, arches, domes and other forms of vaults, built of stone and concrete, was developed to a degree never seen before.  Bridges and aqueducts were built throughout the empire.  Vast spaces could be enclosed with an economy of material, for use as temples, baths, meeting places, markets, and palaces.  This lecture seeks to develop an understanding of the principles determining the stability of some of these structures, which served as the basis for later developments, including the great cathedrals of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Hosted by Prof. Robert Pelcovits