Thursdays at 4pm, Barus and Holley 190

Spring 2019:





January 24

Leo Li

Brown University

Providence, RI

"Two-component composite fermions and their pairing states in double-layer graphene"

January 31

Fazel Tafti​

Boston College

Boston, MA

"Tuning magnetic anisotropy in chromium mixed halides"

February 7

Andrey Gromov

Brown University

Providence, RI

"Bimetric theory of fractional quantum Hall states"

February 14

Chris Moore

Brown University

Providence, RI

"The Carney Institute and Mo(o)re: Oscillations, Vascular Dynamics and Novel Bioluminescent Tools for Brain Imaging and Control"

February 21

Andrew Wray


New York, New York

"Interpreting Hundness with X-ray spectroscopy: a missing piece of the many-body picture"

February 28: No Seminar

March 7: No Seminar

March 13:
Special Seminar

Piotr Surowka

Max Planck Institute for the

Physics of Complex Systems

Dresden, Germany

"Hydrodynamics of metals and semi-metals"

March 14

Brian Skinner


Cambridge, MA

"Semimetals Unlimited: Unbounded electrical and thermal transport properties in three-dimensional nodal semimetals"

March 21 Denis Bandurin


Cambridge, MA

"Electron Hydrodynamics in Graphene: Introduction and Status"
March 28: No Seminar
April 4 Jie Shan

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY

April 11 Matthew Yankowitz

Columbia University

New York, NY

April 18 Joe Checkelsky


Cambridge, MA

April 25 Benjamin Hunt

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA

May 2

Luis Balicas

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Tallahassee, FL


Fall 2018:





September 6

Alberto de la Torre Duran


Pasadena, CA

"Spectroscopic studies of doped spin-orbit driven Mott insulators"

September 27

Tony Dinsmore

UMASS Amherst

Amherst, MA

“Adhering, wrapping, and bursting of fluid membranes: understanding effects of membrane-binding particles and polymers”

October 4

Andrew King

D-Wave Systems, Inc

Burnaby, Canada

"Condensed matter in two and three dimensions: Quantum simulations on a D-Wave processor"

October 11: No Seminar

October 18

Wei Pan

Sandia National Laboratories

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"New Results of the Composite Fermions in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect"

October 25

Katherine Jensen

Williams College

Williamstown, MA

"Soft Interface Mechanics"

November 1

Mitali Banerjee

Columbia University

New York, NY

"Quantization of heat flow in the fractional quantum Hall regime"

November 8

Natalia Perkins

University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN

"The pursuit of fractionalized excitations in Kitaev Materials"

November 15

Liviu Movileanu

Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY

"Single-Molecule Biophysics using Engineered Nanopores"

November 22: No Seminar, Thanksgiving Recess

November 29

Chen Sun

Brown University 

Providence, RI

"Unconventional superfluidity in ferromagnetic films"

December 6 Eric Klein

Brown University &

Rhode Island Hospital,

Radiation Oncology

"The World of Medical Physics"