Administrative Information

The Department of Physics is located in the Barus & Holley building. The main administrative offices are located on the 4th floor, south side (4S). The 1st year graduate student office is BH122. All graduate students are assigned a desk and corresponding locker, as well as a mailbox in the mailroom, BH125.

The mailing address for the department is:

Brown University, Department of Physics, Box 1843, Providence, RI  02912

The shipping address is:

Brown University, Department of Physics, 182 Hope Street, Providence, RI  02912

  • Please check your mailbox regularly. University generated correspondence will be sent to you at this address, which should be used for Physics business only. 
  • For packages, you should use the shipping address for all carriers besides USPS. These deliveries will come to the Stock Room, located at the northwest end of the building attached to Prince Lab. John Lee is the clerk. He will notify you by email if you receive a package.

Brown ID Cards are obtained at the Brown Card Office, located in J. Walter Wilson (JWW), Rm. 511 (5th floor, 69 Brown St. x3-2273). 

Completing the I-9 form at the Graduate School is required in order to receive your stipend (Doctoral) or  to work on campus (Master's). Remember to bring your relevant identification documents.

Final undergraduate transcripts are required for matriculation. Please remember to have an official transcript sent to the Graduate School.

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