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Even after graduation, there are numerous ways to stay connected with fellow alumni and friends. One way is to join fellow alumni on the Physics Alumni group at LinkedIn.

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Read comments from physics alumni about their experiences and the relevance of a Physics major.

Brown’s online career network, is an asset for Brown alumni. BRUnet is part of the Brown Alumni Career Navigator suite of career tools utilized by Brown's alumni. BRUnet is an online service through which alums share their professional experiences and expertise with Brown students. Current students and recent alums can use BRUnet to learn about various careers while at the same time developing a network of people who are willing and able to help you prepare for life after Brown. Whether you’re pre-graduation, post-retirement, or anywhere in between, BRUnet is a valuable tool that will help you connect professionally with other Brown alums.

Here is a sample of locations where recent graduates have found employment.

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