The main goal of experimental condensed matter physics is to seek an understanding of the macroscopic behavior of condensed matter from their microscopic interactions and symmetries through experiments. The fundamental concepts developed in condensed matter physics often have strong impact on other areas of physics. A large group of experimental physicists at Brown study various condensed forms of matter using a wide range of techniques.


Faculty Research Group
Sean Ling  
Humphrey Maris Electron Bubble Laboratory Group
Vesna Mitrovic Condensed Matter NMR
Arto Nurmikko Nanophotonics and Neuroengineering Laboratory
Kemp Plump  
Jim Valles Superconductivity and Magnetic Levitation
Gang Xiao Nanoscale Physics and Devices
Jimmy Xu Laboratory for Optoelectronics, Nanostructures and 
Molecular Engineering
Alex Zaslavsky  
Rashid Zia Zia Lab