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Graduate Core Course Listing

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Finding a Research Group

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Travel Funding - Physics Graduate students are eligible for travel funding up to $650 to match travel funding from the Graduate School.  To apply, fill out the UFunds application form on UFunds.  All Sc.M. students are eligible, and Ph.D. students in years 2-5, a requirement of the funding is to present a poster or give a talk.  

Verification letters - if you require a departmental letter of verification such as:


  • proof of enrollment

  • for OISSS

  • a Social Security Card (SS#) application

  • an OPT application

Email your request to the Student Affairs and Programs Manager, [email protected] , and include the information needed in the letter.

2023-2024 Physics Departmental Fellowships


Lecheng Ren

2023 - 2024 Galkin Foundation Fellow

Erin Morissette and Xianlong Liu

2023 - 2024 Physics Merit Fellows

Zezhu Wei

2023 - 2024 Physics Dissertation Fellow


2023 - 2024  Graduate Fellowship in Condensed Matter Experiment

2022-2023 Physics Departmental Fellowships


Jeanne Bang

2022 - 2023 Galkin Foundation Fellow

Isabelle Goldstein, and Ka Tung Lau

2022 - 2023 Physics Merit Fellows

Luke Lippstreu, Angela Pizzuto, and Shayan Lame

2022 - 2023 Physics Dissertation Fellows

Michael Discala

2022 - 2023 Jun Qi and Christine Geng Graduate Fellowship in Condensed Matter Experiment

2020 - 2021 Graduate Student Awards and Fellowships

Outstanding Academic Accomplishment in Master's Program

Eric Barrett

Master's Research Excellence

Aaron Baumgart

Master's Student Engaged Citizenship and Community Service to the Physics Department

Jae Jong Oh

Galkin Foundation Fellowship

Rong Cong

Physics Merit Dissertation Fellowship

Anders Schreiber

Beyer Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Service

Anders Schreiber

Forrest Award for Excellent Work Related to Experimental Apparatus

Weijie Chen / Michael Lukasik

Anthony Houghton Award for Excellence in Theoretical Physics

Kyriakos Vattis

Award of Excellence as a Graduate Teaching Assistant

Isabelle Goldstein  

Award of Excellence as a Graduate Teaching Assistant

Annalies Kleyheeg

Award of Excellence as a Graduate Teaching Assistant

Tatsuya Daniel

Award of Excellence as a Graduate Teaching Assistant

Vineetha Bheemarasetty

Award of Excellence as a Graduate Teaching Assistant

Alejandra Rosselli

Award of Excellence as a Graduate Teaching Assistant

Rutendo Jakachira

Award of Excellence as a Graduate Teaching Assistant

Nikolas Pervan

The Galkin Foundation Fellowship is awarded each academic year to one outstanding senior graduate student in the Department of Physics.  The Galkin Foundation Fellowship is made possible by Warren Galkin ’51, a Rhode Island native who received an Sc.B. in Physics at Brown. 

The Physics Merit Fellowship is a departmental fellowship awarded to a senior graduate student(s) and provides funding for one semester the next year.