Current Undergraduate Research


 Astrophysics & Cosmology
Professor Ian Dell'Antonio
Christopher Bonadonna
Low Surface Brightness Galaxy Identification
Samantha Dallas
RESOLVE Compact Galaxy Search
Evan Harris Shapelet Modeling of Galaxy Shapes as Tool for Improving Galaxy Simulations
Devon Seymour Galaxy Blending as a Source of Bias in Cluster Mass Fitting
Professor Richard Gaitskell
Mansheej Paul
LUX Dark Matter Experiment
Professor Savvas Koushiappas
Nathaniel Tarshish The Abundance of Elementary Particles in the Early Universe
Professor Gregory Tucker
Edward Williams Balloon-borne Exoplanet Experiment
Biological Physics
Professor Derek Stein

Nicholas Bower

Experimental Studies of Nanoscale Capillarity

Ellen Goldberg

Improving Efficiency of Ion Transfer from Nanopore to Mass Spectrometer

Professor Jay Tang
Sha Sha
Can Viscoelastic Matrix Enhance Bacterial Motility?
Condensed Matter Experiment
Professor Vesna Mitrovic

Dominic Adams

Elementary quantum computation with NClO3 crystals

Elementary Particle Experiment
Professor David Cutts

Charles Snider

Studying pp collisions with the CMS detector at CERN's LHC and searching for new particles

Elementary Particle Theory
Professor Marcus Spradlin
Adam Scherlis
Cluster Algebras and Polylogarithms
Professor Chung-I Tan
Richard Nally
Using String Theory to Illuminate Aspects of the Standard Model
Professor Anastasia Volovich
Daniel Parker
Mathematical Structures of Scattering Amplitudes